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As presidential candidate of the Socialist Equality Party, I appeal to you to donate as generously as possible to the SEP Campaign Committee.

The passage of the Wall Street bailout-pushed by Barack Obama and John McCain in the face of overwhelming popular opposition-underscores how working people are politically disenfranchised in the 2008 elections. On every issue of importance-the transfer of public assets to the rich, the escalation of US military violence in the Middle East and Central Asia, and the attack on democratic rights-the two big business candidates line up with the financial elite against the working class.

The entire US political system-with its restrictive ballot access laws, corporate-funded campaigns and media censorship-is aimed at silencing any genuine opposition, above all from socialists. The election process is dominated by vast sums of money. For the first time in US history, the primaries and presidential race will cost more than $1 billion. Of the nearly half-billion dollars raised by Obama and quarter-billion dollars by McCain, tens of millions came from securities, investment and financial service companies, which will, in many cases, directly benefit from the Wall Street bailout.

Unlike the big business parties, the SEP relies on the financial support of workers, students and young people, not the wealthy. Your donations will assist in the publication and distribution of leaflets and other materials and help Bill Van Auken and me to travel to public meetings across the US, Canada and Europe to fight for a socialist program to defend the interests of the working class.

To respond to the crisis of the capitalist system, the working class desperately needs its own political party. It needs its own perspective and its own program. This is the central task of the Socialist Equality Party and our presidential campaign. But we cannot accomplish this task without your support.

Thank you very much.

Jerry White

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