Socialist Equality Party conference in Detroit

A new political perspective for the working class

The Socialist Equality Party is calling for workers and youth throughout the Detroit area and Midwest to attend a critical conference on July 25.

The working class is under attack. In every state in the country, and throughout the world, jobs are being eliminated, wages driven down, and social benefits cut. The financial elite is using the economic crisis—the product of its own speculative practices—as an opportunity to increase the exploitation of workers and restore profitability for the giant banks and corporations.

Detroit is at the center of the economic crisis, with the highest unemployment rate in the country. The city has been devastated by the downsizing of the auto industry. It is presided over by a wealthy and corrupt elite, with a Democratic Party-controlled political establishment involved in scandal after scandal.

Who represents the working class? The so-called “trade unions” are participating in the destruction of jobs and benefits. The Democratic Party and the Obama administration speak for the corporate and financial elite, with Obama leading the way in the attack on auto workers. If the working class is to resist this attack, it needs its own organizations and a new political perspective.

It is necessary to revive the class-struggle and socialist traditions of the American working class. Capitalism has failed. It has failed in Detroit, the United States, and throughout the world.

The SEP urges all workers and youth in Detroit and throughout the Midwest to attend this conference to discuss the necessary political strategy and socialist program for a renewed movement of the working class.

Speakers will include:

D’Artagnan Collier, SEP candidate for Detroit Mayor
Joe Kishore, SEP national secretary
David North, SEP national chairman

Meeting information:

Saturday, July 25
Wayne State University
General Lectures Room 150
5045 Anthony Wayne Drive
Detroit, Michigan

For more information, contact the Socialist Equality Party