Public meeting Monday, July 15

A socialist program for the revitalization of Detroit

D’Artagnan Collier, Detroit mayoral candidate of the Socialist Equality Party, will be speaking at the July 15 public meeting on “A socialist program for the revitalization of Detroit.” On Saturday, July 6, residents of the Griswold Tenants Council issued an Open Letter to all Detroit metro residents to oppose their eviction and the moves to push out low-income residents in the downtown region. Low-income residents on Henry Street were told they had 30 days to leave in April after the building was sold to anonymous buyers. It turns out the buyers included Mike Ilitch, the billionaire sports owner.

Ilitch has announced a plan to “revitalize” a 45-block area of downtown Detroit; however it is at the expense of poor residents who already live there. Ilitch and Quicken Loans billionaire Dan Gilbert have taken over large sections of the downtown area. They intend to make massive profits while throwing current residents out.

These moves are part of the plan being implemented by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr to slash wages, sell off city assets and cut health care and pensions in order to pay off the city’s wealthy bondholders.

Detroit must be “revitalized,” but not in the interests of the rich. It must be rebuilt in the interests of the working class. In his remarks, Collier will discuss the socialist response to the crisis Detroit as part of a broader national and international program to restructure society to meet the needs of the vast majority.

Meeting details:

Monday, July 15, 7:00 PM

First Unitarian-Universalist Church
4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201
(corner of Cass and Forest Ave.)
Map Web site: socialequality.com/detroit
Phone: 313-409-8083