Letters from our readers

On “Reddit forum blacklists WSWS

Bravo. Excellent reply. I especially like the concluding paragraph. I also like the description of political repression based on identity politics. These right-wing groups conveniently omit the fact that to protect women and children from destitution one needs to fight for social rights and socialist equality to guarantee each a decent livelihood.

The policy of austerity, for example, has directly contributed to young women and men being slaves in all sorts of sordid enterprises. In Kosovo, table-dancing is a standard industry due to heavy unemployment and deep long term poverty. In the developed world, students often must fund their studies with sordid activities. These the pseudo-left deliberately omit while claiming to defend the rights of the most vulnerable sections of society. Well done to keep politically exposing these right wing groups who “are what they do”. …



11 February 2014

On “Support the London Underground strikers!

Great statement that needs to be read by the whole working class and acted upon. As the statement quite correctly says, the unions have been not only useless but have become actually dangerous for the working class. This can be seen by the successful attacks by the capitalist class of the last thirty or so years, which have forced down wages and worsened working conditions. These actions should have shown the working class of the dangers of following failed reformist organisations.

Keep up the good work, SEP, and continue to advocate for democratic workers committees. Also workers should read the SEP pamphlet on the pseudo-left.

Dave T


11 February 2014

On “US analysts debate plans for war against China

Over all, this is a good, serious piece of political journalism.

What you omit is that the US has had war plans (including nuclear strikes) against China for not a few years now. So the “debate” is not really new.

In any case, the world is now clearly moving into a more dangerous and volatile period. So the article is very instructional in the present context.

The WSWS needs a radio station and a TV station so that more people can know what is going on.


11 February 2014

On “US response to leaked call confirms US/EU regime-change plot in Ukraine

"The media plays a key role in the campaign, maintaining a complicit silence about Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland’s orders to ‘Yats’ and ‘Klitsch,’ whom the pundits and anchormen hail as great democrats even as US officials discuss them with contempt".

Thanks for the insightful analysis, which confirms what a lot of people who are paying attention, suspected. At first it was confirmed by the WikiLeaks revelations, and then by Snowden, to this latest leak, that American ruling class regards the planet as its own property implicitly, and explicitly in its secret communications. It inevitably results in the US upper echelons and its operatives, regarding the rest of the world, both “partners” and official foes, with disdain and contempt. This is also called imperialist arrogance, displayed most vividly in the listening in and spying on the “international community”, a.k.a. “partners”. That explains why the leaders from Cameron to Hollande, Abbott to Merkel, are so careful not to “offend” American ruling cabal. Still, the world balance of capitalist power is changing almost imperceptibly, but steadily, and this should give space for revolutionary movements to develop and grow vigorously for a world revolution, before a “final solution” is imposed by nuclear war and environmental destruction.



9 February 2014