Video: Defeat anti-democratic electoral laws! Join the SEP today!

The Socialist Equality Party is expanding its campaign to defeat Australia’s anti-democratic electoral laws into new areas of social media. The laws, which were pushed through parliament on August 26, target political parties without seats in parliament, including the SEP.

The legislation forces these parties to submit a list of 1,500 members by December 2 or face deregistration, which would mean not being able to run under their party name on the ballot paper.

With a near-complete media blackout, the SEP alone has launched a campaign to defeat these laws and alert workers, young people, and professionals to their existence.

The SEP has published 13 videos since the beginning of the campaign. They draw a link between broad opposition to governments’ abandonment of virtually all measures against the spread of COVID-19, and the electoral laws which are designed to suppress that opposition. They also relate the international turn to authoritarianism with the attack on the democratic rights of the working class and the drive to war.

Our electoral members give voice to these concerns in these videos, and call on those who agree, to join the SEP as electoral members.

Today’s video is the SEP’s first posting on the TikTok platform. We strongly encourage all electoral members and supporters to share it on their social media pages and to follow the SEP pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.