“There are zero safety protocols to keep us safe from COVID”: Autoworker denounces conditions at Warren Truck Plant

Following the publication of a letter from a temporary autoworker at Stellantis' Warren Truck Assembly Plant, the World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter received the following submission from another worker at the Detroit-area plant.

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Autoworkers leave the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Warren Truck Plant in Warren, Mich. [Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya]

I’m writing you all because I’m sick of the way things are being run at Stellantis Warren Truck Assembly Plant.

1) There are zero safety protocols to keep the employees safe from COVID. They don’t give people adequate time to disinfect workstations after the previous shift and we can’t wear the proper mask, the N95, because it’s not company-issued.

2) They are wearing us out with the mandatory overtime. Working 6-7 days a week is a strain on us. We have families we never get to see and spend time with, we can’t properly rest our bodies and minds and a lot of us have other things, important things, to take care of that we have to constantly push back and reschedule because we can’t get an adequate amount of days off.

We literally told our spineless union reps to really push for the ABC shift (4 days, 10 hours with 1 mandatory Sunday a month) so we can have proper time off every week, but they didn’t.

3). They won’t roll over the Temporary Part Time workers to full time and they’re now being mandated to work 12-hour shifts, which is unfair to them. A lot of us feel like our so-called unions reps have sold us out.

Every time someone asks Dee Robinson, the UAW Local 140 vice president, or Eric Graham, the local president, a question directly, they tell is to ask our steward or committeeman, none of whom ever have an answer, instead of answering the questions, because they’re too busy giving birthday shout-outs.

The restrooms are always dirty, they're constantly pumping in cold air during the winter, the roof still leaks, there are birds flying around and pooping on things. We can’t even get a new work badge unless we request one online. This place is a joke and things need to change.