Behind the purges in the Ukrainian state

This article was originally posted on Twitter.

The sudden dismissal by Zelensky of the head of Ukraine’s Security Services and the chief prosecutor amid the opening of treason investigations into 651 state officials clearly indicates a major crisis within the regime.

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Contrary to claims that Ukraine is absolutely united in the continuation of the war, the massive purge—amid allegations of pro-Russian treason at the highest levels of the state—indicates that there is substantial opposition to the war, even within Zelensky’s inner circle.

The NY Times writes: “While Ukraine is largely united in its opposition to Russia’s invasion, its deep cultural and historical ties with Russia have translated, in parts of the country, to pockets of support for Moscow.”

The opening of 651 investigations into what Zelensky called “treason and collaboration activities” strongly indicates that the “pockets of support for Moscow” are very deep.

The NYT states that ties to Russia “particularly in the south of Ukraine near the region of Crimea ... and in parts of the east near the Russian border ... have translated into practical support for Russian forces since the invasion.”

The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) employs 27,000 people, making it the largest intelligence agency in Europe. This is the apparatus of a police state. The CIA plays a major role in its operations.

The NYT reports: “American officials said the moves reflect Mr. Zelensky’s efforts to put more experienced leaders in key security positions.” It adds: “U.S. intelligence agencies have been providing huge amounts of information to Ukrainian partners.”

It is likely that the CIA, supplying names to Zelensky, is overseeing the purge of elements within the Ukrainian state who it views as politically unreliable, i.e., who oppose the continuation of the US-NATO #ProxyWar against Russia regardless of the cost in Ukrainian lives.