Chinese translation of “A call to youth throughout the world: Build a mass movement to stop the Ukraine war!”

The World Socialist Web Site is today publishing a Chinese translation of the November 3 statement issued by the International Youth and Students for Social Equality—the student and youth movement of the Socialist Equality Parties, the national sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International—calling for the building of a mass global movement of young people to demand an immediate end to the US-NATO proxy war in Ukraine and the reckless escalation toward World War III.

As the statement warns, the imperialist powers deliberately provoked the Ukraine war through decades of NATO expansion toward Russia’s borders and the massive arming of its corrupt satellite regime in Kiev. Now the US and its allies are determined to exploit the response of the oligarchic capitalist Kremlin regime—its miscalculated, politically reactionary and disastrous invasion of Ukraine—to the hilt.

The statement further exposes the underlying agenda. With the US-NATO war against Russia, imperialism has served notice that an even greater conflagration is being prepared. In documents published in October 2022, outlining the strategic aims of US imperialism, the Biden administration bluntly acknowledged that the conflict in Ukraine is merely a prelude to a confrontation with China, aimed at destroying China’s ability to challenge the global hegemony of American imperialism.

In recognition of the common interests of workers globally, against capitalist exploitation, poisonous nationalism and the danger of a catastrophic nuclear war, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality is fighting to unite young people and students around the world in a unified struggle to turn to the working class and build a movement to abolish capitalism.

The statement outlines a revolutionary socialist and internationalist perspective: “Just as it was the Russian Revolution, the greatest intervention of the working class in world history, that brought an end to the first global carnage of World War I, it will be the intervention of the international working class that will today stop the escalation toward World War III.”

This statement is of critical relevance to workers and young people throughout China, as well as the millions around the world who also read Chinese. We urge our readers to share the translation to ensure that it receives the widest circulation possible.

Based on this statement, the International Youth and Students for Social Equality is hosting an international online public meeting on Saturday, December 10, for the building of a movement against the drive to war. Register today.