Significant support for Joseph Scalice’s lecture on the Communist Party of the Philippines

The lecture delivered by historian Joseph Scalice on August 26 exposing the politics of the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has led to an outpouring of comment on social media and in response to the posting of the video on YouTube. Overwhelmingly the posts have been supportive of the lecture and opposed to the slanderous attacks of CPP founder Jose Maria Sison on Scalice.

The lecture entitled “First as tragedy, second as farce: Marcos, Duterte, and the Communist Parties of the Philippines” was hosted by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. In opening his lecture, Scalice provided detailed and unanswerable evidence refuting Sison’s claim that it was “a big lie” that he and the CPP had supported the fascistic Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his murderous “war on drugs.”

Since the lecture, the video has now been viewed over 2,000 times. Many of the comments, including on Scalice’s Facebook account, expressed hostility to Sison’s totally unsubstantiated allegation that Scalice was a paid CIA agent. In some cases, they referred to their own experiences of the CPP’s intimidation and thuggery.

Some comments expressed their appreciation for Scalice’s explanation of the theoretical roots of the CPP’s repeated betrayal of Philippine workers and peasants that lie in the nationalist ideology of Stalinism and Maoism. Sison and the CPP have time and again subordinated working people to bourgeois politicians—Duterte is just the most recent—who have invariably turned on and repressed social unrest and protests.

Many applauded Scalice’s courage in standing up to Sison and the CPP and speaking the historical truth about its treachery.

We publish here a selection of the comments, with minor editing. We also encourage our readers to express their support for Scalice and opposition to the lies of Sison and the CPP.

David D

What a great presentation! The bankruptcy of Stalinism is proven by history.

Pablo C

What an absolute betrayal of the Filipino proletariat. I’d like to thank you. Mr. Scalice, for this lecture and the hard work you have poured into the noble and monumental project of exposing Sison’s blatant opportunism.

So many of us young Filipino socialists—mostly students who genuinely care for the impoverished and disenfranchised proletariat—fall for Sison and his lies. The old guard has to step down, and a new movement must arise, a movement untainted by treachery, dogmatism, and corrupt expediencies with the ruling class. For that, the knowledge you’ve imparted will doubtless be a pillar [of] this movement’s foundation. It may not be today, in the next month, or in the next year, but your work will surely shift the winds of our history. No longer shall the Filipino proletariat suffer from the injustices of both the fascist right and the Stalinist left.

On behalf of us all, I thank you for courageously carrying the torch of truth. May you someday be honored when the Filipino proletariat finally become the masters of their own destiny.


Thank you, Dr. Scalice. Your passionate support of the working people of the planet and of historical truth informed every word in your outstanding lecture. Also, thank you to the WSWS for bringing this event to our attention and for their defence of your work against the slanders of the CCP.

Douglas J

Typical Stalinist, the ancestors of whom drink from the same counterrevolutionary, falsifying well.

Robert G

Very informative and insightful lecture! Congratulations!

Marian R

Thanks. Appreciate your surgical precision at lancing bullshit.

Mar O

Thank you for the lecture. It is greatly enlightening especially on the political issues surrounding the Duterte administration and its faction with the CPP considering their war of words. I can’t wait for your next lecture about Manila’s opposition to the formation of Malaysia? I hope I heard it right. I was reminded of the Sabah crisis and your lecture may again give an enlightening perspective on this issue.

Guhbi V

Thank you for this, sir Joseph Scalice! I was there at your talk and find it very astounding. I learned many things from you and I’m looking forward to attend future webinars with you as their speaker.

John K

They can say what they like. History records their trajectory from Stalin to now. They cannot escape the truth. That’s why they, like the fascists turn to hysteria, unqualifiable character assassination and violence. As world capitalism goes into another historical crisis they shake hands with fascism and all its methods once again.


Hi Joseph. As you bravely came to my support with so much evidence and facts when I and my son were being attacked by this group (I sometimes don’t really see much of a difference as both Duterte and CPP, NPA [New People’s Army] and NDF [National Democratic Front] people use the same gaslighting, name calling and refusal to confront facts tactics).

I just wanted to come by here and reassert our common principles. The truth can be found in well documented sources. Criticism of the CPP, NPA and NDF does not mean we are not progressives or CIA or Trotskyists. (Cult speak much? To JMS [Jose Maria Sison] and his followers they seem to see Trotsky as the ultimate signifier of evil but only they see it this way. It’s a bit like climate change deniers labelling me a tree hugger, no?).

Anyway, yes Duterte is evil. Yes, the military is killing CPP, NPA and NDF activists. Yes, this formation supported Duterte and, until they fell out with him, were silent as thousands of poor were massacred.

I look forward to your lecture. And just as I am honored to have been threatened and trolled by Duterte’s fanatics, I am also honored to have been trolled and threatened by this group as you are now.

Max P

Sadly, brainwashed loyalists of Joma [Jose Maria Sison] and the CPP would concoct any reason to discredit any perceived challenge to their Holiness. It is a sort of defense mechanism to their own worldview, pretty much like what religious and right-wing fanatics do inside their heads.

This prevents meaningful discourse. Instead of ruthlessly criticizing everything, they exempt their own worldviews, the Party and Sison in it! Instead of assessing the evidence you will present objectively, they will just harp on their pre-judged “magnanakaw” [robber] tag to justify them not listening to a word you will say.

Honey A

Joseph Scalice, [It is] not just Joma. This is a practice most folks from their movement do every time you critique them. I have a friend who was previously ND [National Democratic Front] and called them out for harboring abusives/predators in their movement. He tried to address the issue ‘internally’ but was dismissed, numerous times. When he called them out on socmed [social media], they started spreading rumors that he’s an intel. It’s either you’re part of the government or a reactionary neo-liberal.

Mark J

I’ve seen charges from some of my natdem friends that the lecture is “probably” sanctioned by Loraine Badoy of NTFELCAC. That’s just another baseless accusation. As far as the ruling order is concerned everyone to their left (including classical liberals like myself—which is relatively pretty right wing compared to everyone else in this comments section) are their enemies. Accusing a historian who is only doing his job of being a state agent or trotskyite is not only counterproductive, it hurts honest people who wants to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Alex J posted a quote from the CPP’s newspaper Ang Bayan again concretely demonstrating its alliance with Duterte:

“The alliance between the national democratic movement and the incoming Duterte regime continues to be forged. It is expected to further take shape over the next few weeks until Rodrigo Duterte is formally inaugurated as the next chief of the reactionary regime.”

(Ang Bayan, June 7, 2016)

Mark B

Workers have paid the ultimate price of aligning themselves to such forces. The pedlars of popular front politics rightfully deserve to be exposed. Well done and thank you!

Andy H

This lecture is of immense importance, it should be made available for a long time to come. I am tremendously impressed with Dr. Scalice’s grasp of the material. He has clearly put his heart and soul into this.

The implications of this go far beyond the situation in the Philippines. The betrayals of Stalinism are breathtaking, not to mention the arrogance and stupidity of their leadership. Dr. Scalice, please watch your back. You have made some serious enemies.