Video exposing Philippine Stalinist leader Sison’s Big Lie that the CPP never supported Duterte

The August 26 lecture “First as Tragedy, Second as Farce; Marcos, Duterte and Communist Party of Philippines,” by Dr. Joseph Scalice, comprehensively exposed the support given by the Stalinist Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) for the fascistic president Rodrigo Duterte. In response CPP founder Jose Maria Sison has unleashed a torrent of abuse, slanders and threats against Dr. Scalice and regurgitated Stalinist lies about Trotskyism.

Video exposing Sison’s Big Lie

Sison claims that Dr. Scalice is “grossly lying,” and that “no one in his right mind” ever believed Duterte was progressive or socialist. In fact, it is Sison and his supporters who are attempting to rewrite history and cover up the reactionary maneuvers of the Stalinist-Maoist CPP, using the methods of the Big Lie pioneered by fascist and Stalinist regimes. As this video shows, in 2016 Sison was ecstatic about the election of Duterte, and the prospect of a coalition with the CPP. Sison hailed Duterte—who had already promised to kill thousands in a murderous “war on drugs”—as a progressive, left-wing president with a “socialist orientation.”

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