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"The only appropriate response is to make the film"
An interview with filmmaker Deepa Mehta

6 July 2000

An interview with Bernice Chauly—Malaysian filmmaker
10 May 2000

An interview with Viet Linh, director of Collective Flat
21 April 2000

An interview with Prasanna Vithanage,
Sri Lankan filmmaker

The struggle of the common man for self-dignity is very profound

1 March 2000

Samira Makhmalbaf addresses
Cannes Film Festival forum

"The Digital Revolution and the Future of Cinema"

28 June 2000

The compassionate gaze:
Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami at the San Francisco film festival

12 June 2000

An interesting experiment in cinematic education
An discusison with Hanna Makhmalbaf

3 May 2000

"Some films can change the fate of their characters"
Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks to WSWS

28 April 2000