Support David Moore for California governor!

The Socialist Equality Party is standing David Moore for governor in the California elections in September 2021.

Moore is standing to advance the independent interests of the working class in the US and internationally in the elections. He advocates for emergency measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic by protecting lives, not profit; a massive transfer of wealth from the rich to meet social needs; the transformation of the giant corporations into public utilities; full rights for all immigrants; an end to imperialist war; and a global program to stop climate change. His campaign is based on the understanding that fighting fascism and authoritarianism requires the unification of workers of all races, genders and nationalities against the capitalist system.

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Video: Town hall meeting with David Moore

On September 11, Socialist Equality Party gubernatorial candidate David Moore held an online town hall meeting outlining a socialist perspective on the California recall election, responded to questions, and discussed the way forward for the working class.

1. Eliminate COVID-19! Halt school openings!

The SEP demands:

• The immediate closure of all schools to in-person education that have been reopened and a halt to all plans to reopen other districts.

• A massive allocation of resources to ensure high-quality remote education and child care for all children affected.

• The provision of full income to all workers affected by school closures and the shutdown of other businesses necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

2. For social equality and a massive redistribution of wealth!

California’s billionaires have made out like bandits, primarily through government handouts and bleeding their workers dry. To name just a few of the state’s richest:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the stock market has reached new record highs despite the massive growth in unemployment and dire conditions facing the working class. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 16 percent from before the pandemic began and is nearly three times higher than before the 2008 economic crisis.

The wealth of the ruling elite must be seized and utilized to meet the urgent social needs of the working class, including a massive investment in education, health care and social services.

3. Oppose fascism and dictatorship!

The fascistic insurrection on January 6 was part of a broader conspiracy led by Trump to overturn the results of the election and establish a dictatorship. The operation was carried out with the complicity of top Republicans, including the current House minority leader and representative from California, Kevin McCarthy.

While Trump did not succeed with his immediate aims, the threat continues. In response to the growth of social anger and opposition in the working class, a faction of the corporate and financial elite is turning toward fascism. The Democrats, a party of Wall Street and the military, have worked throughout to cover up the extreme danger and block any popular mobilization against the far right.

4. Defend the rights of immigrants!

Rather than reverse these policies, Biden has built on them, summarily expelling all arriving adult immigrants and many children, using the pretext of the health risk due to the coronavirus. Administration representatives, with Vice President Kamala Harris, the daughter of immigrants, at the forefront, have warned refugees against coming to America. The administration’s anti-China campaign has helped fuel anti-Asian attacks.

The SEP fights to unify the working class. We oppose all efforts to divide workers along the lines of gender, ethnicity, skin color or national origin. The multinational, multiracial protests against the police murder of George Floyd showed the instinctive striving of working people to wage a common struggle, across all such lines of division. We uphold the right of working people to live and work in the country of their choice.

5. No to imperialist war!

The Biden administration has rehabilitated the racist conspiracy theory pushed by Trump that China is responsible for COVID-19. Both presidents have tried to deflect blame for their own disastrous handling of the pandemic by blaming a foreign “enemy.”

There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans when it comes to waging war in the Middle East, including drone missile assassinations; targeting governments in Latin America and the Caribbean for subversion and overthrow; and upholding the “right” of American imperialism to dictate to every country in the world.

The SEP calls for the trillions squandered on war and militarism to be redirected to addressing basic social needs.Perhaps the cruelest aspect of the policies of the Trump administration, which aroused mass hostility in California, was its persecution and abuse of immigrants. Trump took the internment camps already built under Obama—who deported more immigrants than any previous president—and added the wall, deliberately separated children from their parents, and encouraged brutality on the part of ICE and the Border Patrol.

6. For the political independence of the working class! Fight for socialism!

The gigantic corporations and banks must be turned into public utilities, run on the basis of social need, not private profit.

The objective basis for a socialist movement is the growth of working-class struggle. The pandemic has enormously intensified class conflict in the US and internationally. Workers are beginning to fight back, from Volvo autoworkers in Virginia, Frito-Lay workers in Kansas, mine workers in Alabama, and teachers and health care workers throughout the country. These struggles are part of a growing movement of workers throughout the world.

The SEP campaign of David Moore will fight to unify these struggles through the development of a coordinated network of rank-and-file committees, independent of the corporatist unions, which have collaborated at every point with the corporations and the state in enforcing the demands of the ruling class.The Biden administration seeks to outdo Trump in its militaristic threats war against Russia and China. Biden’s military budget is even larger than Trump’s, and he embraces the strategy of preparing for “great power conflict,” which threatens nuclear war.

Vote for SEP candidate David Moore in California recall

The Socialist Equality Party calls on working people in California to vote “no” in the election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, and then to cast a replacement vote for our candidate, educator David Moore, the only socialist running in this election.

Socialist Equality Party

No more child infections! We must eradicate COVID-19!

The Socialist Equality Party is the only party running in the California gubernatorial elections on the basis of a program to eliminate and eradicate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement of David Moore—California gubernatorial candidate of the Socialist Equality Party

The eradication of COVID-19 is the only way to stop the pandemic

The global spread of the highly infectious Delta variant and the drive to fully reopen schools worldwide, despite the well-known risks to children, has made clear that the only viable strategy is the eradication of COVID-19 internationally.

Evan Blake, David North

Halt the reopening of schools in California!

The decision to enforce in-person instruction for schools in the middle of a surge in the pandemic can only lead to the mass infection of children and the further spread of the virus.

Statement of David Moore—California gubernatorial candidate of the Socialist Equality Party
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