US-backed Ukrainian regime mobilizes reserves, threatening war with Russia

By Alex Lantier, 3 March 2014

The tensions between Moscow and Kiev directly raise the risk of a clash between Russia and the NATO powers backing Kiev.

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UK facing housing costs time bomb

By Dennis Moore, 3 March 2014

The number of UK families currently spending more than half their disposable income on mortgage repayments could treble by 2018.

Socialist Party uses opposition to bedroom tax to promote Scottish nationalism

By Jordan Shilton, 3 March 2014

The Scottish Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation, led by figures from the Socialist Party, sought to convince workers that the Scottish National Party could be pressured to oppose the very austerity measures it has played a central role in implementing.

Residents speak on continued water problems in West Virginia

By Clement Daly, 3 March 2014

Following the disastrous release of toxic chemicals into the water supply, residents of Charleston, West Virginia spoke to the World Socialist Web Site at one of many water distribution sites that has run out of clean water.

Company responsible for West Virginia chemical spill plans to liquidate

By Clement Daly, 3 March 2014

Freedom Industries—the company responsible for the January 9 chemical spill that contaminated the water for 300,000 West Virginians—recently announced it plans to liquidate.

Kazakhstan devalues national currency

By Clara Weiss, 3 March 2014

The national bank devalued Kazakhstan’s currency by 18.9 percent against the US dollar without warning, cutting the purchasing power of workers by almost one fifth.

Mining corporations pressure Indonesian government over mineral export law

By John Roberts, 3 March 2014

Indonesia’s mineral export trade virtually ceased overnight after the 2009 ban on export of unprocessed ores came into effect.

New Zealand: Sordid deal to avoid prosecution over Pike River mine disaster

By Tom Peters, 3 March 2014

A letter from Pike River Coal's CEO urged the government to drop charges against him in exchange for a payment to the victims’ families.

AFSCME cancels strike, accepts concessions at University of California

By Norisa Diaz, 3 March 2014

AFSCME Local 3299 has accepted a tentative concessions contract with University of California officials, canceling the five-day strike planned to begin this week.

New in Spanish

La IYSSE protesta la supresión de discusión democrática instigada por el profesor Jörg Baberowski en la Universidad Humboldt en Berlín

3 Marzo 2014

La carta abierta que aquí publicamos fue enviada por La Juventud y Estudiantes Internacionalistas por la Igualdad Social (IYSSE, siglas en inglés) a la Junta Universitaria de la Universidad Humboldt en Berlín.

New in French

La NSA espionne les contacts de la chancelière allemande

Par Konrad Kreft, 3 mars 2014

Après qu’Obama a promis de ne plus écouter les communications téléphoniques d’Angela Merkel, la NSA renforce l’espionnage de tous ceux à qui elle parle.

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The crisis in Ukraine

3 March 2014

The crisis that has erupted in Ukraine following the right-wing coup engineered by the United States and Germany and the intervention of Russia into Crimea has created the most dangerous international confrontation since the end of World War II.

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Fourth International

The political fraud of International Viewpoint’s statement on Ukraine

By the International Committee of the Fourth International, 3 March 2014

The attribution of this statement to the ICFI is a political provocation whose purpose is to discredit Trotskyism by associating it with the right-wing politics of the neo-Pabloite organizations.


WSWS publishes interviews with children of the Left Opposition

By Fred Williams and Clara Weiss, 25 February 2014

The World Socialist Web Site is publishing interviews with three children of Soviet Left Oppositionists—Tatiana Smilga, Zorya Serebryakova and Yuri Primakov—and with Tatiana Isaeva, granddaughter of the outstanding Marxist literary critic, Alexander Voronsky.

Interview with Tatiana Isaeva

By our reporter, 28 February 2014

Tatiana Isaeva is the granddaughter of the Marxist literary critic Aleksandr Konstantinovich Voronsky, a Bolshevik from 1904 and participant in the revolutions of 1905 and 1917 who later became an important figure in the Left Opposition.

In Defence of Leon Trotsky

Berlin IYSSE protests Professor Jörg Baberowski’s suppression of democratic discussion at Humboldt University

22 February 2014

Appearance of Robert Service in Berlin ends in fiasco

By Peter Schwarz, 14 February 2014

25 years ago: Bitter strike begins at Eastern Airlines

Some 8,150 machinists and baggage handlers went on strike, rejecting demands by the company for $150 million in concessions.

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50 years ago: New York Times Co. v. Sullivan upholds freedom of press

On March 9, 1964, the US Supreme Court ruled that the press is broadly protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments from libel charges and defamation lawsuits brought by public officials.

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75 years ago: Coup deposes remnants of Spanish Republic

Juan Negrin’s Spanish Republican administration was overthrown on March 5, 1939 by Republican military officers who established a National Council of Defense headed by General Sigismundo Casado.

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100 years ago: Major powers appoint new King of Albania

On March 9, 1914, Prince William of Wied, a German army officer, was formally appointed King of the Albanian protectorate by the major European powers.

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The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Emergency manager steps up blackmail of Detroit pensioners

By Jerry White, 3 March 2014

After releasing his bankruptcy restructuring plan late last month, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is pressing the city’s 23,500 retired municipal workers to accept unprecedented pension and health care cuts.

Reports to the Workers Inquiry
The rape of Detroit: Deindustrialization, financialization and parasitism

By Barry Grey, 28 February 2014

Report to the Workers Inquiry
Art and the working class

By David Walsh, 26 February 2014

Video: Attendees speak on the Workers Inquiry into the Bankruptcy of Detroit

By Jeff Lusanne, 27 February 2014

After release of Detroit bankruptcy plan
Calls for pension cuts spread across US

By Thomas Gaist, 1 March 2014

More on the bankruptcy of Detroit »

Workers Struggles

Australia: Aurizon coal train drivers locked out

By Terry Cook, 3 March 2014

Big business regards the dispute as an important test case for a wider corporate drive to slash wages and conditions throughout the mining and energy sectors.


Obama and Kerry lecture Russia on Ukraine

By Bill Van Auken, 1 March 2014

FBI, CIA lied to 9/11 Commission on bin Laden ties

By a reporter, 1 March 2014

Québec Solidaire gives PQ friendly advice on its chauvinist Charter

By Louis Girard and Richard Dufour, 1 March 2014

US and Japanese troops train for war against China

By Peter Symonds, 28 February 2014

Arts Review

64th Berlin International Film Festival—Part 4
Between faith and the striving for truth: German films in competition at the Berlinale

By Bernd Reinhardt, 28 February 2014

NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

NSA listens in on the German chancellor’s contacts

By Konrad Kreft, 1 March 2014

Documents confirm US military spying on antiwar groups

By Patrick Martin, 1 March 2014

GCHQ, NSA collected webcam images from 1.8 million Yahoo users

By Thomas Gaist, 28 February 2014

More on NSA spying and the defense of Edward Snowden »

Socialist Equality Party

SEP manifesto for the Western Provincial Council election
Vote for the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)!
Fight for a socialist program against war, austerity and police state methods!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 22 February 2014

Socialist Equality Party European election campaign finds support in German state of North Rhine-Westphalia

By Elisabeth Zimmermann, 13 February 2014