US admiral pledges to confront China in South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 15 December 2016

The aggressive remarks by Admiral Harry Harris, commander of US Pacific Command, were encouraged by Trump’s belligerent stance toward China during and since the election.

To target China, US further enhances military-strategic alliance with India

By Keith Jones, 15 December 2016

The last days of the Obama administration have seen a concerted, bi-partisan drive of the American political elite and the Pentagon to further cement the Indo-US “global strategic partnership.”

Trump nominates opponent of environmental regulation for secretary of the interior

By Nick Barrickman, 15 December 2016

Montana representative Ryan Zinke has built a congressional career out of supporting anti-environment legislation, austerity and war.

Former Texas governor who called for abolition of Energy Department to be Trump’s energy secretary

Oil industry stooge tapped to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency

Trump picks General “Mad Dog” Mattis for secretary of defense

Trump, Republicans spout nationalism and reaction at Wisconsin rally

By Christopher Davion and Catherine Long, 15 December 2016

During his speech, Trump hailed the right-wing figures in the state who have overseen brutal attacks on workers’ living standards and democratic rights.

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British Labour MPs lead demands for UK action in Syria

By Robert Stevens and Julie Hyland, 15 December 2016

Britain’s parliament held an “emergency” debate on Syria against the backdrop of a major debacle for US imperialism and its British ally.

Federal Reserve hikes key rate, signals faster monetary tightening

By Barry Grey, 15 December 2016

Despite the Fed’s pledge to keep interest rates below previous norms, there were indications that, in the face of Trump’s inflationary policies, it could move quickly in the opposite direction.

Newly-enacted Ohio law designed to “end abortion in America”

By Ed Hightower, 15 December 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a reactionary ban on abortions after only 20 weeks, with no exception for cases of rape or incest.

Canada’s top spy “watchdog” says Edward Snowden should be shot

By Roger Jordan, 15 December 2016

The Liberal government has lamely criticized the head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee for calling for NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden to be shot.

In the wake of the Chapecoense tragedy, Bolivia arrests airline and government officials

By Rafael Azul, 15 December 2016

President Evo Morales promised drastic action, in part to distract from his own links to the airline.

Opposition mounts to German military advertising campaign

By Stefan Steele, 15 December 2016

Germans now confront advertising placards all across the country praising the army (Bundeswehr) and calling on people to do their “duty.”

Unions back pension attacks at Tata Steel UK

By Danny Richardson, 15 December 2016

Tata and the unions are working to abolish the British Steel Pension Scheme that Tata had been seeking to eliminate ever since it bought its UK steel plants in 2007.

New French Prime Minister Cazeneuve prolongs state of emergency

By Alex Lantier, 15 December 2016

Basic democratic rights will continue to be suspended in France until July 2017, after next year’s presidential elections in May 2017.

Sri Lankan unions agree to impose share-cropper system on plantation workers

By W.A. Sunil, 15 December 2016

The new collective agreement is a prelude to a productivity-based payment regime proposed by the plantation companies.

New in Italian

Paolo Gentiloni è il nuovo Presidente del Consiglio

Marianne Arens, 14 dicembre 2016

A capo di un governo transitorio, Gentiloni continuerà le politiche del suo predecessor Matteo Renzi, soprattutto in relazione all’enorme crisi bancaria e di debito.

New in Spanish

Trump elige al General “Perro Rabioso” Mattis como su secretario de Defensa

Por Patrick Martin, 15 diciembre 2016

La elección del general jubilado James Mattis ha sido recibida con aprobación por toda la clase política y los medios corporativos.

New in French

Le gouvernement syrien reprend l’est d’Alep

Par Bill Van Auken, 15 décembre 2016

En vertu d’un accord négocié entre la Turquie et la Russie, les milices islamistes ont accepté d’évacuer la dernière zone de la ville qui restait sous leur contrôle.

Mise en garde du gouverneur de la Banque d’Angleterre contre «le spectre du communisme»

Par Richard Tyler, 15 décembre 2016

Mark Carney compare la crise actuelle à la période de bouleversements révolutionnaires qui a balayé l’Europe en 1848.

New in German

Trump nominiert Chef eines Ölmultis als Außenminister

Von Patrick Martin, 15. Dezember 2016

Die Nominierung von ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson setzt Trumps Regierung der Milliardäre die Krone auf.

Syrische Armee erobert Ost-Aleppo zurück

Von Bill Van Auken, 15. Dezember 2016

Nach einem durch Vermittlung der Türkei und Russlands ausgehandelten Abkommen haben sich die islamistischen Milizen zum Abzug aus den letzten von ihr kontrollierten Teilen der Stadt bereit erklärt.

David North spricht in Berlin über Trumps Wahlsieg

Von unseren Korrespondenten, 15. Dezember 2016

Mehr als 250 Studierende und junge Arbeiter verfolgten an der Humboldt-Universität den Vortrag zum Thema „Wohin geht Amerika? Ursachen und Folgen der Wahl Trumps“.

Nach der Präsidentenwahl: Österreichs Parteien rücken weiter nach rechts

Von Markus Salzmann, 15. Dezember 2016

Der Rechtsruck der österreichischen Politik setzt sich auch nach der Niederlage des rechtsextremen Kandidaten Norbert Hofer von der Freiheitlichen Partei (FPÖ) fort.

Spanien: Mit der Kampagne „zurück auf die Straße“ versucht Podemos die soziale Wut einzudämmen

Von Alejandro López, 15. Dezember 2016

Podemos und die spanischen Gewerkschaften wollen jetzt „zurück“ auf die Straße gehen, nachdem sie trotz drakonischer Sparmaßnahmen jahrelang keine bedeutenden Protestaktionen organisiert haben.

Die einmalige Filmdokumentation der Russische Revolution
Tsar to Lenin erstmals als DVD mit deutschen Untertiteln erhältlich

15. Dezember 2016

Basierend auf Archivmaterial, das über mehr als zehn Jahre von Herman Axelbank (1900-1979) gesammelt wurde, dokumentiert Tsar to Lenin eine revolutionäre Bewegung, die Millionen Menschen in ihren Bann zog, die „die Welt erschütterte“ und den Lauf der Geschichte veränderte.

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Washington’s hypocrisy over the fall of Aleppo

15 December 2016

The hysterical denunciations by Western governments and media of alleged atrocities in eastern Aleppo are a measure of the debacle for US imperialism in Syria.

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New York Times’ narrative of Russian hacking: War propaganda in the guise of news

By Joseph Kishore, 15 December 2016

Wednesday’s front-page article in the Times is pure propaganda aimed at polluting public opinion and creating the conditions for military aggression against Russia.

White House, Clinton campaign intervene in conflict over Russian hacking charges

After election debacle, Democrats debate identity politics

By Niles Niemuth, 15 December 2016

The publication of an op-ed by Columbia University professor Mark Lilla questioning the efficacy of identity politics continues to draw a heated response from figures in and around the Democratic Party.

Pseudo-left covers for Corbyn’s capitulation to Blair over Iraq war

By Laura Tiernan, 14 December 2016

US coal miners face cutoff of health, pension benefits

By Jerry White, 13 December 2016

Socialist Equality Party

David North speaks in Berlin on Donald Trump’s election

By our correspondents, 15 December 2016

More than 250 students and workers crowded into a lecture hall at Humboldt University to hear North’s lecture on the causes and consequences of the outcome of the US presidential election.

Australia: Intense discussions about Trump victory at SEP meetings

By our reporters, 13 December 2016

Workers and youth in Australia speak about US election and SEP program

Sri Lankan SEP and Deeside Workers Action Committee call meeting to defend plantation workers

15 December 2016

The meeting will discuss a program to defend plantation workers’ jobs, wages and social rights.


Miss Sloane and All We Had: Aiming at American life

By Joanne Laurier, 15 December 2016

Miss Sloane presents a fantastical view of Washington’s hired gun world of political lobbyism. Set at the beginning of the 2008 financial crash, All We Had is a limited drama about poverty and homelessness.

Aquarius: Personal resistance and isolation in Brazil

By Miguel Andrade, 13 December 2016

Book Review

An exposure of high-stakes testing in Australia’s public schools
Beautiful Failures by Lucy Clark

By Karen Holland, 15 December 2016

Probing more deeply the causes of her daughter’s crippling anxiety during the last two years of school, Clark found a general consensus that “education is broken.”

News Feature

University of Florida students speak out about food insecurity

By Matthew MacEgan, 14 December 2016

Study on pay for young adults highlights plunge in US living standards

New reports show social inequality is deepening in US

The election of Donald Trump

Betsy DeVos: Religion and profit in the war on public education—Part 1

By Nancy Hanover, 13 December 2016

Betsy DeVos: Religion and profit in the war on public education—Part 2

The United Steelworkers, Wilbur Ross and economic nationalism

By Evan Winters, 14 December 2016

Trump picks oil mogul as secretary of state

By Patrick Martin, 14 December 2016

China reproaches Trump over Taiwan stance

By Peter Symonds, 13 December 2016

Trump threatens to overturn One China policy

Trump’s phone call with Taiwan: A provocation against China

Trump endorses Duterte’s murderous drug war in the Philippines

By Joseph Santolan, 13 December 2016

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Mehring Books

Week Four: Holiday gift sales!

14 December 2016

All titles, including the centenary edition of Tsar to Lenin, are discounted from 10 percent to 50 percent during our annual holiday sale.

100 Years since the Russian Revolution
Mehring Books announces centenary edition of landmark documentary, Tsar to Lenin

12 December 2016

Produced by the legendary Herman Axelbank and narrated by Max Eastman, Tsar to Lenin is the definitive documentary of a revolution that “shook the world” and changed the course of history.


New dinosaur discovery in Myanmar includes feathers

By Matthew MacEgan, 13 December 2016

Security and the Fourth Internaional

Security and the Fourth International
The Smith Act trial and government infiltration of the Trotskyist movement—Part one

By Eric London, 8 December 2016

Security and the Fourth International
The Smith Act trial and government infiltration of the Trotskyist movement—Part two
Why wasn’t Joseph Hansen a defendant in the Smith Act trial?


Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856–1918): His Place in the History of Marxism

By David North and Vladimir Volkov, 5 December 2016

On December 11, the international socialist movement marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of the “father of Russian Marxism,” Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov.

25 years ago: US sanctions against Iraq kill 80,000 children

Iraq’s emissary to the Arab League declared on December 17, 1991, that more than 80,000 children under the age of five had died as a result of US and UN sanctions imposed in the wake of the Persian Gulf War.

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50 years ago: US bombs civilians in Hanoi

On December 13, 1966, the government of North Vietnam reported that American bombers hit working class neighborhoods in Hanoi, destroying homes and inflicting casualties on residents.

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75 years ago: Japanese rout Britain in Malay campaign

During the week beginning December 12, 1941, the imperialist war for control of the Pacific colonies intensified.

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100 years ago: British Labour Party and unions agitate in favor of war

This week in December 1916, representatives of the British Labour Party and the major trade unions issued a series of bellicose statements demanding a continuation of the imperialist bloodbath of World War I.

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International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Growing support for IYSSE campaign against censorship at New York University

By a WSWS reporting team, 7 December 2016

NYU’s corporate leadership bars socialist student group from campus

Reverse the rejection of club status for the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!
An open letter to the New York University Student Activities Board