As workers’ opposition grows
Teamsters union extends UPS contract deadline to impose sell-out deal

By Will Morrow, 13 July 2018

The union is seeking to delay any vote on the contract after more than 93 percent of UPS workers voted to authorize strike action last month.

The way forward for UPS workers

New Zealand nurses stage first nationwide strike in 30 years

By our reporters, 13 July 2018

Nurses, healthcare assistants and midwives in public hospitals struck for 24 hours yesterday after rejecting a sellout deal backed by the union.

Open letter to NZ nurses’ Facebook group: Reverse the ban on WSWS articles and criticisms of the union

Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand) to hold online forum: The way forward for nurses and health workers

Hearing on FBI role in 2016 election erupts in vicious conflict between right-wing politicians

By Patrick Martin, 13 July 2018

While Republicans sought to cross-examine former FBI official Peter Strzok about text messages expressing hostility to Trump, Democrats denounced the hearing as a “favor to Putin.”

Palace coup or class struggle: The political crisis in Washington and the strategy of the working class

Trump uses UK visit to heighten political turmoil over Brexit

By Chris Marsden, 13 July 2018

Trump’s performance at the NATO Summit confirmed that the failure of May’s compromise over Brexit is rooted in the growing antagonisms between the imperialist powers.

What does it really mean to “Stop Trump?” The working class must be mobilised against capitalism and for socialism

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (UK), 13 July 2018

This statement by the Socialist Equality Party (UK) is being distributed today at demonstrations in London and other towns and cities in the UK against US President Donald Trump.

UAE and US guilty of war crimes in Yemen torture centers, Amnesty charges

By Bill Van Auken, 13 July 2018

The Amnesty report documents forced disappearances, torture and other crimes carried out by UAE forces as part of the US-backed war on Yemen.

Assault on port of Hodeidah resumes as US escalates Yemen intervention

Brett Kavanaugh: A reliably reactionary jurist

By Ed Hightower, 13 July 2018

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee boasts a record of reaction both as an attorney and as a judge

Mutiny on their knees: The Democratic Party’s phony opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination

French President Macron lays out road map for military escalation

By Francis Dubois, 13 July 2018

Macron is advancing a far-right policy of militarism, attacks on democratic rights and scrapping basic social gains of the working class.

Millions of refugees face harsh conditions across South Asia

By Rohantha De Silva, 13 July 2018

The plight of millions of refugees in South Asia is a damning indictment of the imperialist powers and the regional ruling elites.

Australia: Inquest into Dreamworld tragedy reveals health and safety violations

By Richard Phillips, 13 July 2018

A few months before the fatal October 2016 accident, company officials ordered staff to stop spending money on repairs and maintenance.

Australian lawyers association warns foreign interference laws violate rights to free speech

By Richard Phillips, 13 July 2018

“This type of regulation of civil society is a prominent feature of repressive regimes. It is not a feature of open democracies.”

Australia’s new “foreign interference” laws: A threat to anti-war dissent

Ultra-nationalist US demagogue Stephen Bannon hails Australia’s new foreign interference laws

Australia: Victorian bus drivers strike over wages and conditions

By our reporters, 13 July 2018

The Transport Workers Union has previously solicited donations from the bus company that it fraudulently claims to be leading a struggle against.

New in French

«L'antifascisme» de Podemos: une couverture pour le gouvernement du Parti socialiste espagnol anti-ouvrier

Alejandro López, 13 juillet 2018

Le gouvernement minoritaire espagnol du Parti socialiste, soutenu par Podemos, annonce des mesures symboliques visant le régime fasciste de Francisco Franco.

La guerre des classes sur les salaires

Eric London, 13 juillet 2018

Dans un article publié mardi, le Wall Street Journal affirme que «la hausse des salaires commence à ronger les bénéfices de certaines entreprises américaines».

Le gouvernement conservateur de l'Ontario s'attaque aux dépenses sociales et aux réfugiés

Roger Jordan, 13 juillet 2018

Employant la rhétorique de Trump et de forces de l'extrême droite européenne, Doug Ford accuse les réfugiés de représenter un danger pour l'accès des Ontariens aux services publics.

New in German

Der Klassenkampf um die Löhne

Eric London, 13. Juli 2018

In einem Artikel, der am Dienstag veröffentlicht wurde, zeigt sich das Wall Street Journal darüber besorgt, dass „steigende Löhne die Gewinne einiger Unternehmen in den USA auffressen.“

Trump verschärft Handelskrieg gegen China

Nick Beams, 13. Juli 2018

Die jüngste Stellungnahme des US-Handelsbeauftragten erinnert an das Machtwort eines Feudalherrschers, dessen Missachtung schwere Strafen nach sich zieht.

Großbritannien: Zweiter Nowitschok-Fall wirft weiterer Fragen auf

Thomas Scripps, 13. Juli 2018

Die Version der Regierung lautet: „Russland hat einen Angriff auf britischem Boden geführt und damit jetzt auch den Tod eines britischen Bürgers verursacht.“

Die Möwe: eine „Tschechowsche Stimmung“ in unserer Zeit?

David Walsh, 13. Juli 2018

„The Seagull“ (USA), Regie: Michael Mayer; Drehbuch: Stephen Karam, nach dem Schauspiel von Anton Tschechow.

New in Spanish

La guerra de clases sobre los salarios

Por Eric London, 13 julio 2018

En un artículo publicado el martes, el Wall Street Journal escribe que “los aumentos salariales están comenzando a carcomer las ganancias de algunas empresas estadounidenses”.

Nicaragua se enfrenta a los enfrentamientos más sangrientos de todos los meses de protestas

Por Bill Van Auken, 13 julio 2018

Sandinista President Daniel Ortega rechazó abiertamente la demanda de elecciones tempranas mientras las fuerzas de seguridad y partidarios oficialistas armados echan abajo barricadas de manifestantes.

New in Arabic

آلاف اللاجئين أجبروا على مسيرة موت في الصحراء

٢٥ حزيران يونيو ٢٠١٨

أكثر من 13,000 لاجئ ومهاجر ، بما في ذلك النساء الحوامل والأطفال ، قد أجبروا على السير إلى الصحراء من قبل قوات الأمن الجزائرية على مدى الأشهر الأربعة عشر الماضية ، حيث مات العديد منهم بسبب الجوع والتعرض.

Other Languages


NATO, at war with itself, rearms for war with the world

12 July 2018

All members of NATO reaffirmed their commitment to massive military rearmament, to be paid for with sweeping cuts to public infrastructure and attacks on the social position of the working class.

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SEP 2018 Election Campaign

Notes from the campaign trail
Over a thousand signatures from workers attending Wyandotte, Michigan art fair

By Niles Niemuth, 13 July 2018

The Socialist Equality Party campaign in Michigan’s 12th district has received overwhelming support from workers and has now gathered nearly 5,000 signatures for ballot access.

Notes from the campaign trail
The impact of the US-backed war in Yemen on Michigan’s 12th district

By Niles Niemuth, 11 July 2018

“I demand a full and open investigation”
SEP candidate Niles Niemuth extends support to family and friends of Jacoby Hennings

By our reporters, 10 July 2018

Socialist Equality Party to run Niles Niemuth for Michigan’s 12th Congressional district

Arts Review

HBO’s Succession: Why are these dreadful people allowed to decide what we see and hear?

By Joanne Laurier, 13 July 2018

The HBO television series, Succession, is a sharply drawn portrait of a family that runs a global media conglomerate.

Soviet-Russian conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky dead at 87

By Clara Weiss, 11 July 2018

Punk bassist Steve Soto dead at 54

By Josh Varlin, 10 July 2018

Killing Eve: A television series about a soulless psychopath and her pursuer

By David Walsh, 7 July 2018

Workers Struggles

South Africa’s shoe workers in national strike; telecom workers, transport workers strike in the UK and Belgium
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

13 July 2018

A national strike by shoe workers shut factories across Nigeria this week while a major strike was launched by Belgian rail workers and a series of walkouts hit British transport and telecom.

National Grid cuts off healthcare for locked-out workers in Massachusetts

By Kate Randall, 10 July 2018

Australian unions’ bogus campaign over sacking of Longford maintenance workers

By Oscar Grenfell, 10 July 2018

Defend Julian Assange!

Ecuador’s government negotiating Julian Assange’s fate with the UK

By Bill Van Auken, 12 July 2018

The statements by Ecuador’s president and foreign minister come amid growing signs of Quito’s bowing to pressure from Washington.

Prominent whistleblowers and journalists defend Julian Assange at online vigil

By Oscar Grenfell, 12 July 2018

The speakers included individuals, such as Daniel Ellsberg, who have been persecuted by governments for taking a courageous stand against war and authoritarianism.

The Turnbull government must act to repatriate Australian citizen Julian Assange to Australia

By James Cogan, 19 June 2018

This speech was delivered by James Cogan, the national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Australia, to a rally organised by the SEP in defence of Julian Assange last Sunday in Sydney.

Bringing Julian Assange Home

By John Pilger, 19 June 2018

Addressing last Sunday's SEP rally in Sydney, well-known filmmaker and documentarian, John Pilger exposed the role of Labor and Coalition governments, along with prominent journalists and editors in the ongoing persecution of Julian Assange.

The Sydney rally to defend Julian Assange: An important step forward

By Linda Tenenbaum, 18 June 2018

More on the campaign to free Julian Assange »


The class war over wages

By Eric London, 12 July 2018

Iraq war contractor ran US detention centre for immigrant children

By Meenakshi Jagadeesan, 12 July 2018

Trump administration defends missing court deadline to reunite immigrant families

Mobilize the working class against the bipartisan attack on immigrants!
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

More on North American immigration issues »

Trump denounces Germany and Europe at NATO summit

By Alex Lantier, 12 July 2018

Allies no more: Trump escalates threats against Europe

Trump escalates trade war against China

By Nick Beams, 12 July 2018

Twenty thousand demonstrate in Düsseldorf, Germany against police state attacks on democratic rights

By our correspondents, 12 July 2018

German interior minister’s “Master Plan” for refugees: Internment camps and mass deportations

By Johannes Stern, 12 July 2018

Emmanuelle Seigner, Roman Polanski’s wife, calls invitation to join movie Academy “insufferable hypocrisy”

By David Walsh, 11 July 2018

The Guardian’s Marina Hyde accuses actress Susan Sarandon of being Trump’s “asset”

By David Walsh, 10 July 2018

Concerted efforts to save May’s government and the chance of a “soft Brexit”

By Chris Marsden, 11 July 2018

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigns to prepare possible Conservative leadership challenge

More on Brexit »

The Thailand cave rescue and the humanitarian hypocrisy of imperialism

By Bill Van Auken, 10 July 2018

Leadership of Argentina’s Partido Obrero maintains silence on ties to right-wing Russian nationalism

By Bill Van Auken, 29 June 2018

Workers Party in Argentina seeks to “refound” Fourth International in alliance with Stalinism

The Demise of Savas Michael’s “New Era”

Autoworkers struggles

“Like you, I want justice for Jacoby!”
Workers honor young Ford worker who died at Detroit-area plant

10 July 2018

“Coby was loved by so many people”
Outpouring of support to honor Jacoby Hennings, young autoworker who died in October

By Jerry White, 9 July 2018

More on autoworkers issues »

Socialist Equality Party

SEP to hold Brisbane meeting on new “foreign interference” laws: A move towards dictatorship and war

3 July 2018

SEP in Sri Lanka holds powerful 50th anniversary meeting

By our correspondents, 27 June 2018

International Committee of the Fourth International

Preface to the thirtieth anniversary edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 21 June 2018

We are posting the new preface written by David North for the soon to be released thirtieth anniversary edition of The Heritage We Defend: A Contribution to the History of the Fourth International.

Support the Socialist Equality group in Turkey!
Statement of the SE group, in sympathy with the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), on the snap elections in Turkey

25 years ago: US helicopter gunships kill scores in Somalia

A US attack force of 17 Cobra helicopter gunships and Blackhawk helicopters struck a neighborhood in the center of the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

More »

50 years ago: Jobless youth protest in New York City

On July 10, 1968, youth seeking jobs through President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” programs began protests in New York City against cuts in the program ordered by Mayor John V. Lindsay.

More »

75 years ago: Allied forces invade Sicily

On July 9, 1943, the military forces of the Allied powers began the invasion of the Italian island of Sicily.

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100 years ago: German army makes last large offensive in Second Battle of the Marne

On July 15, 1918, the Imperial German Army made its last large-scale attack on the Western Front, initiating a conflict that became known as the Second Battle of the Marne.

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May Day 2018 International Online Rally

May Day 2018 and the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx

By David North, 6 May 2018

Opening the ICFI’s International Online Rally on Saturday, May 5, David North, chairman of the international editorial board of the WSWS and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party (US), spoke on the historical significance of Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism, 200 years after his birth.

Trotskyism is the Marxism of the 21st Century

By Joseph Kishore, 7 May 2018

May Day 2018

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 1 May 2018

WSWS 20th Anniversary

Twenty years of the World Socialist Web Site: 1998–2018

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 14 February 2018

As the WSWS marks its 20th anniversary of daily posting, it is taking the lead in exposing the conspiracy by governments and corporations to censor the Internet as the ruling class prepares for war and domestic repression.


Lenin, Trotsky and the Marxism of the October Revolution

By David North, 19 March 2018

David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and of the Socialist Equality Party (US), delivered this lecture at the University of Leipzig on March 16.