In fourth year of Obama “recovery”
US Census report shows entrenched poverty and declining living standards

By Thomas Gaist, 18 September 2013

The US Census Bureau report on poverty for 2012 provides a snapshot of a social system in mortal crisis.

Russia-France talks on Syria end in clash over chemical warfare claims

By Alex Lantier, 18 September 2013

In talks yesterday in Moscow, the Kremlin refused to accept French claims designed to provide ammunition for a US-led war of aggression against Syria.

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Germany: Christian Social Union wins absolute majority in Bavarian state elections

By Markus Salzmann and Peter Schwarz, 18 September 2013

The CSU can primarily thank the Social Democratic Party, the Greens and the Left Party for its election victory.

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New Australian PM signifies further right-wing shift

By Mike Head, 18 September 2013

Abbott commenced his political career on the far-right of the official political spectrum, and entered the mainstream of the Liberal and Labor parties.

Lawrence Summers withdraws from consideration for Fed chairman

By Andre Damon, 18 September 2013

Global stock markets rallied after Lawrence Summers announced he would end his bid to become the new head of the US Federal Reserve.

Six perish in Ohio home fire

By Samuel Davidson, 18 September 2013

Six members of one family, including five children, were killed in a fire that swept through their trailer home early Sunday morning in Tiffin, Ohio.

North Carolina: Police officer charged following fatal shooting

By Matthew MacEgan, 18 September 2013

A North Carolina police officer fired 10 rounds into a young man seeking help following a car accident early Saturday morning.

Cook County Jail most crowded jail in the US

By Christopher Davion, 18 September 2013

Recent police crackdowns and the closure of half of all area mental health facilities have brought the Cook County Jail population at its highest level in six years.

London rent rates to rise

By Marc Milton, 18 September 2013

Market-set rents are increasingly unaffordable for many of those in work, let alone people between jobs or the socially vulnerable.

Political deadlock over Cambodian election continues

By John Roberts, 18 September 2013

Opposition protests on Sunday calling for an election inquiry led to clashes between police and demonstrators that left one man dead and five injured.

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Zum 5. Jahrestag des Wall Street Crashs:
Obama greift zur Technik der Großen Lüge

Von Barry Grey, 18. September 2013

Am Montag hielt US-Präsident Barack Obama aus dem Weißen Haus eine Rede, die zeigte wie unüberbrückbar die Kluft zwischen dem gesamten politischen Establishment und der breiten Masse der arbeitenden Bevölkerung ist.

Die Linke als Kriegspartei im Syrienkrieg

Von Johannes Stern, 18. September 2013

Die Teile der syrischen Opposition, mit denen die Linkspartei zusammenarbeitet, treten am lautesten für einen US-Militärschlag zum Sturz des Assad-Regimes ein.

Zeit-Herausgeber Joffe wirbt für massiven Krieg im Nahen Osten

Von Peter Schwarz, 18. September 2013

Unter der Überschrift „Auch der Menschenrechtskrieg ist ein Krieg“ entwirft Joffe ein Szenario, das auf die gewaltsame militärische Eroberung und jahrzehntelange koloniale Unterjochung des gesamten Nahen Ostens hinausläuft.

USA, GB und Frankreich halten an Kriegsdrohung gegen Syrien fest

Von Bill Van Auken, 18. September 2013

Die USA und ihre wichtigsten Verbündeten bekräftigten am Montag die Kriegsdrohung gegen Syrien, sollte sich das Land nicht streng an die Vorgaben des Chemiewaffenabkommens halten.

Griechenland: Selbstmorde nehmen dramatisch zu

Von Katerina Selin, 18. September 2013

Der dramatische Anstieg der Selbstmordrate in Griechenland wirft ein Schlaglicht auf den sozialen Niedergang, der in den letzten Jahren unter dem Diktat der Europäischen Union in Griechenland stattfand.

Armut wächst in Großstädten

Von Sybille Fuchs, 18. September 2013

Trotz aller Klagen der Parteienvertreter in den Städten und Gemeinden sind sie es, die die Kürzungen in der sozialen Absicherung und dem Erhalt der Infrastruktur in den Kommunen exekutieren.

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The “lost generation” and the failure of capitalism

18 September 2013

Five years after the economic collapse of 2008, young people have suffered a decline on a global level that in many ways is without historical precedent.

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War Drive against Syria

New York Times on Syria: All the propaganda fit to print

By Bill Van Auken, 18 September 2013

The lying and cynical coverage by the New York Times of the issue of chemical weapons in Syria underscores the extraordinary integration of the media into the operations of the state.

US students, workers speak on war threat against Syria

By Adam Soroka and Kate Randall, 18 September 2013

The World Socialist Web Site spoke to students and workers in Maryland and Massachusetts about the threat of war against Syria.

SEP and IYSSE public meetings: No to war and dictatorship!

IYSSE meetings in Australia and New Zealand: Oppose war against Syria!

18 September 2013

The Australian government has, along with the corporate-controlled media, given unconditional backing to Washington’s militarist agenda in the Middle East.

Obama renews military threat against Iran

By Peter Symonds, 17 September 2013

Released Italian journalist recounts crimes of US-backed Syrian opposition

By Alex Lantier, 17 September 2013

Video: Students speak against war at Wayne State University demonstration

By James Brewer, 11 September 2013

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The Detroit Bankruptcy

Students, professors denounce threat to the Detroit Institute of Arts
“It is like selling the soul of the city”

By our reporters, 18 September 2013

At Wayne State University there is widespread opposition to the selloff of masterpieces from the Detroit Institute of Arts threatened by the city’s emergency manager.

The defense of culture and the crisis in Detroit

By David Walsh, 17 September 2013

We are posting today an edited version of a talk given by WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh to a June 13 meeting on the threat to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Socialist Equality Party to hold demonstration in defense of the Detroit Institute of Arts

By our reporter, 16 September 2013

The SEP and the IYSSE will hold a demonstration on Friday, October 4 to oppose the sale of artworks at the Detroit Institute of Arts as part of the city bankruptcy plan.

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SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

SEP (Germany) campaign reaches GM-Opel workers

By Marianne Arens, 18 September 2013

Opel workers responded with interest to the Socialist Equality Party’s call for a struggle, independent from the trade unions, to defend jobs.

Socialist Equality Party holds anti-war rally in Berlin

By our correspondents, 17 September 2013

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Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka: The JVP’s sham support for democratic rights

By K. Ratnayake, 18 September 2013

Behind its false display of sympathy for Tamils, the JVP’s program is a strident defence of the capitalist state dominated by the Sinhala bourgeoisie.

Sri Lankan SEP holds meeting in Jaffna—No to war against Syria

By Rohantha De Silva, 17 September 2013


On fifth anniversary of Wall Street crash, Obama tries the Big Lie technique

By Barry Grey, 17 September 2013

From the WSWS Archive

What the WSWS said about the Wall Street crash of September 15, 2008

14 September 2013

Mehring Books

The Economic Crisis & the Return of History

David North, in three lectures delivered within a few months of the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, argues that the Wall St. crash represented a turning point in American and world capitalism. He explains that the rapid growth of social inequality, rooted in the historic crisis of the capitalist system, will bring on titanic class struggles internationally.

Defend Edward Snowden!

Citing Snowden leaks, FISA judge orders release of rulings authorizing domestic surveillance

By Thomas Gaist, 16 September 2013

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SEP (Australia) 2013 Election Campaign

Video: “No to war against Syria”—Australian voters speak out

By our reporters, 16 September 2013

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Arts Review

Kick-Ass 2: Frat boy ethics, and worse

By Dylan Lubao, 16 September 2013

Eighty years of the Diego Rivera murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Tim Rivers and David Walsh, 5 September 2013

25 years ago: New coup signals revolutionary crisis in Haiti

On September 17, 1988, the Haitian dictatorship of Gen. Henri Namphy was overthrown in the course of battles between rival military factions.

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50 years ago: Britain cobbles together Malaysia

On September 16, 1963, the country of Malaysia came into being as a federation of former British colonies Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah (North Borneo).

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75 years ago: British and French governments abandon Czechoslovakia

On the afternoon of September 22, 1938, one week after initial discussions at Berchtesgaden had drawn to a close, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met once more in Bad Godesberg to discuss the fate of Czechoslovakia.

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100 years ago: Miners strike begins in Colorado

On September 16, 1913, over 11,000 coal miners went on strike in Colorado, demanding better pay and working conditions as well as recognition of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).

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