Wealth of world’s billionaires surges past $7 trillion

By Joseph Kishore, 4 March 2015

The inexorable rise in the wealth of the ultra-rich, amidst economic stagnation, is an expression of the parasitic character of world capitalism.

Capitalism and the global plutocracy

Netanyahu delivers anti-Iran tirade to US Congress

By Bill Van Auken, 4 March 2015

Underlying the acrimony between Washington and Tel Aviv are not merely differing assessments of Iran, but broader divergences in strategic interests.

US-trained Afghan security forces committing “systematic” torture and extra-legal killings

By Thomas Gaist, 4 March 2015

The puppet regime in Kabul, established by the US and NATO powers, presides over a web of criminalized security forces and politicized crime syndicates.

Protests follow LAPD shooting of homeless man on Skid Row

By Kevin Martinez, 4 March 2015

The victim of the latest police killing in the US has been identified as Charley Saturmin Robinet, a 39-year-old French immigrant.

Cleveland court filing alleges Tamir Rice caused his own death

By Tom Hall, 4 March 2015

The city’s filing alleges that the 12-year-old, shot dead by police while playing with a pellet gun, caused his own death by failing “to exercise due care to avoid injury.”

In wake of latest atrocity
Obama administration whitewashes police killings

Chicago’s Abu Ghraib

The human rights disaster in America

More on police violence in America »

Georgia woman’s execution postponed for second time in a week

By Kate Randall, 4 March 2015

Prison officials said the lethal injection drugs were “cloudy” and that Kelly Gissendaner’s execution was being postponed out of “an abundance of caution.”

New Year executions: Oklahoma, Florida and Georgia

Ten thousand education workers strike at two Toronto universities

By Carl Bronski, 4 March 2015

Teaching assistants and contract instructors have gone on strike at Toronto’s principal universities, York and University of Toronto.

Pennsylvania Democrat calls for cuts to pensions for municipal workers

By Douglas Lyons, 4 March 2015

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale is threatening a Detroit-style bankruptcy if pension cuts for tens of thousands of municipal workers are not pushed through.

Germany: State of emergency in Bremen following alleged terror scare

By Dietmar Henning, 4 March 2015

There was a heavy presence of military clad police armed with automatic weapons in the city center of Bremen, which has a population of 550,000.

US Army Chief of Staff urges increase in British military spending

By Julie Hyland, 4 March 2015

The interview promoted by the Telegraph is part of a concerted campaign to intimidate widespread anti-war sentiment in the face of a significant expansion of militarism.

French Socialist Party government announces new round of free-market reforms

By Kumaran Ira, 4 March 2015

After pushing through the Macron Law on deregulation, the PS government is preparing a further round of sweeping austerity measures and structural reforms.

Philippines expels Chinese power grid technicians

By John Roberts, 4 March 2015

Manila’s provocative decision not to renew the visas of 16 Chinese technicians will further exacerbate tensions with Beijing over disputes in the South China Sea.

Big business in Australia lays out its agenda

By Nick Beams, 4 March 2015

Behind the political crisis of the Abbott government is a deepening offensive being prepared by the corporate and financial elites against the working class

New in Serbo-Croatian

Kapitulacija Sirice i lekcije za radničku klasu

Međunarodni Komitet Četvrte Internacionale, 4 March 2015

Čak i u cijeloj bijednoj istoriji “lijeve” sitnoburžoaske politike teško je naći sličan primjer prevare, cinizma i istinski odvratnog kukavičluka koji se može mjeriti sa Ciprasovim.

New in Polish

Strajk rafinerii w USA a międzynarodowa walka klasy robotniczej

Jerry White, 4 marzec 2015

Walka pracowników naftowych i dokerów w USA oraz strajki niemieckich i australijskich pracowników kolei wskazują na potrzebę międzynarodowej strategii dla klasy robotniczej.

Komentarz czytelnika: Osobliwy socjalizm Syrizy

4 marzec 2015

World Socialist Web Site otrzymała od czytelnika z Grecji ten oto komentarz co do charakteru nowego rządu pod przywództwem Syrizy.

New in Turkish

Yunanistan’dan bir mektup
Syriza’ya özgü sosyalizm

4 Mart 2015

Aşağıdaki yorum, Dünya Sosyalist Web Sitesi’ne, Atina’da yaşayan yüksekokul öğretmeni Evel Economakis’ten geldi.

Yunanistan’dan bir mektup

4 Mart 2015

Bu mektup Dünya Sosyalist Web Sitesi’ne Yunanistan’daki bir okurdan, “Syriza’nın teslimiyeti ve işçi sınıfı için dersler” başlıklı perspektif yazısına yanıt olarak gönderildi.

New in French

Meurtre à Moscou
Pourquoi Boris Nemtsov a-t-il été assassiné ?

Par David North, 4 mars 2015

L'assassinat du politicien russe d'opposition Boris Nemtsov résulte de la confrontation américano-russe et de la lutte en cours au sein de l'Etat russe.

La mission de sauvetage du capitalisme par le ministre des Finances de la Grèce Yanis Varoufakis

Par Chris Marsden, 4 mars 2015

L'essai de Varoufakis qui explique comment il est devenu un «marxiste erratique» démasque de façon accablante le rôle politique du nouveau gouvernement grec conduit par Syriza et la couche sociale qu'il représente.

« John le djihadiste », l'impérialisme et l'EI

Par Bill Van Auken, 4 mars 2015

Non seulement le service de sécurité britannique MI5 surveillait attentivement les mouvements de « John le djihadiste » mais il s’est encore activé pour le recruter comme informateur et comme agent secret.

Québec: l’assaut sur les services publics et la «lutte» syndicale contre le projet de loi 3

Par Laurent Lafrance, 4 mars 2015

Même si l’assaut sur les retraites fait partie d’un vaste programme d’austérité, les syndicats ont refusé de mobiliser leurs membres en défense des conditions de travail et des services publics.

Le chef social-démocrate allemand entre en discussions avec Pegida

Par Ulrich Rippert, 4 mars 2015

Le dirigeant du parti social-démocrate a fourni une caution officielle au mouvement droitier et anti-musulman qu’est Pegida.

New in German

Attentat in Moskau
Warum wurde Boris Nemzow ermordet?

Von David North, 4. März 2015

Die Ursache des Mordes an dem russischen Oppositionspolitiker Boris Nemzow liegt im amerikanisch-russischen Konflikt und in dem heftigen Kampf, der im russischen Staatsapparat tobt.

Warnstreik der angestellten Lehrer und Erzieher

Von unserem Reporter, 4. März 2015

Gestern fanden in mehreren Bundesländern ganztägige Warnstreiks von angestellten Lehrern und Erziehern statt. Aufgerufen hatte die Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW).

Ein Monat Streik in der Erdölindustrie:
Wie weiter für die amerikanischen Ölarbeiter?

Von der Socialist Equality Party (USA), 4. März 2015

Der Streik der Ölarbeiter geht in den zweiten Monat. Es ist nötig, Bilanz zu ziehen und die strategischen Schlüsselfragen und politischen Probleme zu klären.

Armut in Deutschland auf neuem Rekordhoch

Von Denis Krassnin, 4. März 2015

Das Gutachten des Paritätischen Gesamtverbandes für das Jahr 2014 zeigt eine dramatische „Zerklüftung“ Deutschlands in arme und wohlhabende Regionen. Die Armut nimmt fast überall zu.

Rumäniens Präsident Johannis in Berlin

Von Markus Salzmann, 4. März 2015

Johannis unterstützt das Abkommen von Minsk, tritt aber auch für schärfere Sanktionen gegen Moskau ein.

87. Oscar-Verleihung:
Ein interessanteres Ereignis als in den letzten Jahren

Von David Walsh, 4. März 2015

Die soziale und politische Wirklichkeit fand bei der Oscar-Verleihung am Sonntag vor einer Woche ihr Echo in den Besonderheiten und Widersprüchen der Filmwelt.

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The police killing in Los Angeles

4 March 2015

Police killings are only the most visible expression of the brutality of social relations in the United States.

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Featured Commentary

Murder in Moscow: Why was Boris Nemtsov assassinated?

By David North, 3 March 2015

The assassination of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov arises out of the US-Russia confrontation and the struggle now underway within the Russian state.


Interview with Gordon Wood on the American Revolution: Part two
“History has to engage the whole public”

By Tom Mackaman, 4 March 2015

This is the second part of a two-part interview with Gordon Wood, a leading historian of the American Revolution. Part one was posted March 3.

Interview with Gordon Wood on the American Revolution: Part one
“Labor celebrated as the highest value”

The Crisis in Greece

Syriza’s Left Platform in crisis over Greek austerity agreement

By Robert Stevens, 4 March 2015

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has pledged that the Syriza government will “squeeze blood out of stone” to meet the diktat of the European Union.

Syriza’s surrender to the banks exposes France’s New Anti-capitalist Party

By Alex Lantier, 3 March 2015

The anti-Marxism of Yanis Varoufakis

By Nick Beams, 28 February 2015

The capitulation of Syriza and the lessons for the working class

By the International Committee of the Fourth International, 23 February 2015

The theoretical and historical origins of the pseudo-left

By David North, 24 February 2015

This 2012 report by WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North provides the critical theoretical and historical background to the events in Greece, where the pseudo-left Syriza has risen to state power and rapidly capitulated to the European banks.

More on the crisis in Greece »

SEP (Australia) Campaign in New South Wales Election

Another fatal police shooting in Australia

By Noel Holt—SEP candidate for Wyong, 4 March 2015

Police shootings now occur with sickening regularity mostly in response to low-level incidents that could be resolved by non-lethal means.

SEP candidates in NSW election campaign against war and austerity

NSW election: The fraud of Labor’s opposition to privatisation and austerity

Vote Socialist Equality Party in the New South Wales election
Against war and austerity! For social equality and democratic rights! For a workers government and socialist policies!

More on the SEP (Australia) election campaign »

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Australia: Griffith University obstructs IYSSE campaigns

By our correspondents, 4 March 2015

This is a politically-motivated attack, directed against the only student club opposing the drive to war, austerity and overturning of basic democratic rights.

US Oil Workers Strike

As strike passes one-month mark
The way forward for oil workers

By the Socialist Equality Party, 3 March 2015

A photo essay on the US oil workers’ strike

By Jerry White, 26 February 2015

More on the US oil workers strike »

Arts Review

65th Berlin International Film Festival—Part 5
Two stories of German resistance: The Resistors “their spirit prevails ...” and 13 Minutes

By Bernd Reinhardt, 3 March 2015

House of Cards collapses

By Andre Damon, 2 March 2015

Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall: An honest artistic effort, or something else?

Socialist Equality Party

The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century published in German

By Peter Schwarz, 2 March 2015

David North’s book is essential in providing a political orientation and formulating a socialist response to the global crisis of capitalism.


Cuts to pensions of Detroit retirees go into effect

By Thomas Gaist, 3 March 2015

Italy threatens military intervention in Libya

By Marianne Arens, 3 March 2015

Chinese economy under downward pressure

By Nick Beams, 3 March 2015

India’s “growth” budget coddles business while punishing working people

By Kranti Kumara and Keith Jones, 3 March 2015

Wisconsin Governor Walker, American workers and terrorism

Wisconsin unions hold rally against “right-to-work” legislation

Manhattan terror trial vs. PLO: The hypocrisy of imperialist justice

US inflames South China Sea disputes

German Left Party leader outlines campaign against Russia

“Jihadi John,” imperialism and ISIS

25 years ago: Iran-Contra trial of Admiral Poindexter begins

Poindexter served as national security advisor from late 1985 through late 1986, when the Iran-Contra crisis was at its height.

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50 years ago: Police assault Selma-to-Montgomery March

On March 7, 1965, Alabama state police and Dallas County Sheriff deputies carried out a bloody attack against civil rights demonstrators on the outskirts of Selma.

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75 years ago: Finland capitulates to Soviet Union

On March 5, 1940, the government of Finland notified the Soviet Union that it would accept Moscow’s terms to end the Winter War.

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100 years ago: Greek prime minister resigns over war policy

On March 6, 1915, Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos resigned following a conflict over the nation’s involvement in World War I.

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