In Australia, US vice president issues belligerent challenge to China

By Mike Head, 20 July 2016

Biden’s trip to Australia came in the immediate aftermath of the arbitration court decision in The Hague declaring illegal Chinese land reclamation activities in the South China Sea.

US admiral holds “frank” talks in Beijing over South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 20 July 2016

Australian prime minister reshuffles his ministry

Republican Party officially nominates Donald Trump

By Patrick Martin, 20 July 2016

For the first time, one of the two major capitalist parties in America has chosen as its presidential nominee an individual of openly authoritarian and semi-fascist views.

Republican convention opens: An obscene spectacle in Cleveland

Leading US historians issue warning on the rise of Trump

By Gabriel Black, 20 July 2016

The historians see Trump as the product of decades of decay of American society, including academia, the press and the court system.

After endorsement, Sanders attempts to convince angry supporters to back Clinton

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Washington and Brussels step up pressure on Turkey

By Halil Celik, 20 July 2016

US Secretary of State John Kerry indirectly threatened Turkey with the loss of its NATO membership as Ankara carried out mass arrests following the July 15 coup attempt.

US and Germany livid over failure of Turkish coup

The Turkish coup: A warning to the international working class

Three quarters of Labour MPs back renewal of UK nuclear missile system

By Robert Stevens, 20 July 2016

MPs from the ruling Conservatives and opposition Labour Party took it in turns to support the use of nuclear weapons.

UK parliamentary debate buries Iraq War inquiry

Labour and Liberal Democrats plot new party in event of Corbyn’s re-election

By Chris Marsden, 20 July 2016

The Mail On Sunday reported that a breakaway party is being discussed in secret, involving up to 150 Labour MPs, who would align themselves with the Liberal Democrats.

UK trade unions fail to mobilise for anti-austerity demonstration

What the coup against Jeremy Corbyn reveals about the Labour Party

American war planes slaughter civilians in northern Syria

By Thomas Gaist, 20 July 2016

US airstrikes killed dozens of civilians in Aleppo province Monday, adding to the hundreds of thousands of civilian dead produced by Washington’s regime change operation.

UnitedHealth cuts Obamacare options for tens of thousands

By Kate Randall, 20 July 2016

The largest US health insurer has indicated it is drastically scaling back its Affordable Health Care public exchange offerings despite a 13 percent rise in second-quarter profits.

Illinois health insurer announces liquidation as Obamacare co-ops collapse

US insurers seek 10 percent Obamacare premium increase for 2017

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Australian students and staff oppose closure of fine arts college

By Elle Chapman, 20 July 2016

The plans to close the Sydney College of the Arts are part of a pro-business restructure of the University of Sydney, and a broader attack on the arts.

New in Italian

L'UE scossa dalla crisi del sistema bancario italiano

Di Marianne Arens e Peter Schwarz, 20 luglio 2016

Esperti economici e finanziari europei prevedono che la crisi bancaria italiana possa innescare la prossima grande crisi in Europa.

New in Russian

Попытка переворота в Турции: Предупреждение для международного рабочего класса

Билл Вэн Оукен, 20 июля 2016 г.

Попытка военных захватить власть в Турции – стране, являющейся ключевым членом НАТО и шестой по величине экономикой Европы, служит индикатором более общей угрозы, охватывающей весь мир.

New in French

Ouverture de la convention républicaine: spectacle obscène à Cleveland

Par Patrick Martin, 20 juillet 2016

Célébrité, spéculateur et escroc aux opinions racistes et autoritaires,Trump personnifie la décomposition politique de l'élite dirigeante américaine.

Les États-Unis et l’Allemagne furieux de l’échec du putsch en Turquie

Par Peter Schwarz, 20 juillet 2016

Les dénonciations rageuses du gouvernement Erdogan par les États-Unis et l’Allemagne montrent clairement que les deux gouvernements avaient espéré une réussite du coup d’État militaire.

Avertissement de l’ex-premier ministre britannique quant à une révolution

Par Nick Beams, 20 juillet 2016

Gordon Brown parle dans ses commentaires du danger venant de forces populistes de droite, mais ce qu’il craint vraiment c’est le développement d’un mouvement socialiste de la classe ouvrière.

New in German

Parteitag der Republikaner: Ein abstoßendes Spektakel

Von Patrick Martin, 20. Juli 2016

Ein prominenter Hochstapler und Spekulant mit rassistischen und autoritären Ansichten personifiziert den politischen Zerfall der herrschenden Elite in den USA.

Blutiger Amoklauf in Bayern

Von Marianne Arens, 20. Juli 2016

Am Montagabend griff ein siebzehnjähriger Flüchtling aus Afghanistan eine Reisegruppe mit Axt und Messer an und wurde von SEK-Polizeibeamten erschossen.

Berlin: BVG-Knebelabschluss zementiert Niedriglöhne

Von Andy Niklaus, 20. Juli 2016

Der neue Tarifvertrag bei BVG und BT, den die Gewerkschaften mit dem Management ausgearbeitet hat, setzt die Sparrunde für die Beschäftigten fort.

Was der Putsch gegen Jeremy Corbyn über den Charakter der Labour Party sagt

Von Chris Marsden, 20. Juli 2016

Vom Zeitpunkt ihrer Entstehung an war die Labour Party darauf ausgerichtet, den Kapitalismus gegen die Bedrohung durch den Sozialismus zu verteidigen.

EU fordert schärfere Kürzungen in Spanien und Portugal

Von Alejandro López, Paul Mitchell, 20. Juli 2016

Die Nachwirkungen der Brexit-Entscheidung und die italienische Bankenkrise sind nicht überwunden. Jetzt droht die EU Spanien und Portugal mit drakonischen Geldstrafen.

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The Republicans plumb the depths

20 July 2016

In the long and protracted decay of American democracy and the political culture of the United States, a fundamental boundary is being crossed.

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Mehring Books

New book by David North
A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony 1990–2016

By David North, 11 July 2016

We publish here the preface to A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony, 1990-2016 by David North, the chairman of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site. The book is available for preorder today at Mehring Books.


Our man in Ankara: US ambassador denies US role in Turkish coup

By Bill Van Auken, 20 July 2016

Ambassador Bass, a former advisor to Dick Cheney, issued a “categorical” denial that Washington had any involvement in the Turkish military’s abortive uprising of July 15.

Former British prime minister warns of revolution

By Nick Beams, 19 July 2016

The promotion of racial politics and the US elections

By Barry Grey, 18 July 2016

The New York Times, Michael Eric Dyson and the politics of race

Race, class and police murder in America

After Nice attack, French government calls up military reserves

By Alex Lantier, 18 July 2016

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

New York City workers discuss police killings, inequality with SEP candidate

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan, 20 July 2016

On the second anniversary of the police killing of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York, workers spoke with Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate about the class divide in America’s largest city.

Video: SEP Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth campaigns in Erie, Pennsylvania

19 July 2016

Video: SEP Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth campaigns in Pittsburgh

By Niles Niemuth, 18 July 2016

More on the SEP 2016 US election campaign »

Arts Review

Wiener-Dog: Todd Solondz continues to look critically at American life

By David Walsh, 20 July 2016

The new film comprises four stories, loosely linked by the presence of a “wiener-dog” (dachshund). Each has at least one or more satirical, telling moments or elements.

Musician-singer M.I.A dropped from Afropunk festival for criticizing Black Lives Matter

By David Walsh and Zac Corrigan, 18 July 2016

M.I.A. has every right to criticize Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar, who travel in privileged circles around the Obamas and other leading Democratic Party figures.

A tribute to German Sinto musician Häns’che Weiss


What is behind the imperialist campaign over the Crimean Tatars?
Part 2: The imperialist exploitation of ethnic tensions on the Crimea—then and now

By Clara Weiss, 19 July 2016

What is behind the imperialist campaign over the Crimean Tatars?
Part 1: The Russian Revolution and the fate of the Crimean Tatars

A reply to our critics
In Defense of the American Revolution

“Ordinary people truly imbibed the principles of the American Revolution”
An interview with Victoria Bynum, historian and author of The Free State of Jones—Part 2

Workers Struggles

Atlantic City casino strike continues despite management ultimatum

By Isaac Finn, 19 July 2016

Doctors strike against Papua New Guinea government

By John Braddock, 19 July 2016

SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

“No more war, ever!”: PSG presents posters for Berlin state election

By Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, 18 July 2016

Socialist Equality Party (Germany) files over 3,000 signatures for Berlin state election

By our reporters, 16 July 2016

25 years ago: Wife of Greyhound strike frame-up victim appeals to New York union body

Karen Cawthra, the wife of imprisoned Greyhound driver Roger Cawthra, addressed a meeting of the Executive Council of Hospital Workers Local 1199 on Friday, July 19, 1991.

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50 years ago: North Vietnam proposes war crimes trials

On July 19, 1966, the government of North Vietnam announced that US airmen held as prisoners of war would be tried as war criminals.

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75 years ago: Churchill denies Stalin’s request for a Western front

On July 18, 1941, with the German Wehrmacht already punching deep into the USSR, Stalin wrote to Churchill appealling for a common front against Hitler.

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100 years ago: Mass transit strike in New York

On July 22, 1916, streetcar workers in Yonkers, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle, and New York City, walked off the job, precipitating what one historian described as “the era’s greatest industrial crisis.”

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One year since the New Horizons flyby of Pluto

By Bryan Dyne, 15 July 2016

Socialist Equality Party

Halt the attacks on living conditions! Fight for socialist policies!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 12 July 2016

SEP public meetings: The Australian election crisis and the way forward for the working class

9 July 2016

The UK Brexit crisis

Socialist Equality Party (UK) public meetings
The way forward after the Brexit vote

13 July 2016

New UK Prime Minister Theresa May to head austerity government

By Chris Marsden, 14 July 2016

The anti-working class politics of the pseudo-left
Left Unity endorses pro-EU offensive to overturn Brexit referendum

By Chris Marsden, 9 July 2016

Canada’s elite rattled by Brexit vote

Signs of post-Brexit financial crisis mount

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