US government scanning, storing billions of pieces of mail per year

By Thomas Gaist, 5 July 2013

The US government's Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program scans and stores information on all mail items passing through the postal system

Bolivia accuses US of forced landing of presidential plane

By Peter Symonds, 5 July 2013

The incident demonstrates the US will go any lengths to silence Snowden, who has exposed the NSA’s vast electronic surveillance operations.

Snowden’s father defends his son’s courageous actions

By Peter Symonds, 5 July 2013

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American teenager jailed as “terrorist” for Facebook post receives broad international support

By Tom Carter, 5 July 2013

Justin River Carter was arrested in February on “terror” charges for a sarcastic comment he made on Facebook, and he has been in prison ever since.

Looting of Greece continues under new government

By Robert Stevens, 5 July 2013

A deal expected over the weekend between the “troika”and the Greek government will have further devastating austerity as its centerpiece.

Australian PM announces “anti-corruption” takeover of New South Wales Labor branch

By Patrick O’Connor, 5 July 2013

Rudd’s move is aimed at propping up the Labor Party and refashioning it as a more pliable political instrument for implementing the corporate agenda.

India: Plummeting rupee sparks fears of current account crisis

By Kranti Kumara, 5 July 2013

There are increasing fears within the Indian elite that the rupee’s plummet—it has lost more than 10 percent of its value since April—could cascade into a current account crisis.

UK teachers unions accept performance-related pay

By Margot Miller, 5 July 2013

The claim of the two largest UK teachers unions to be waging a struggle against the government attacks on education, is belied in their full acceptance of the principle of performance-related pay.

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La signification contemporaine de la Déclaration d’Indépendance et de la bataille de Gettysburg

Par Joseph Kishore, 5 juillet 2013

La révolution américaine et la Guerre de sécession sont deux des grands événements de l’histoire mondiale qui firent avancer les droits démocratiques aujourd’hui en recul partout dans le monde.

Le banditisme international dans la traque de Snowden

Par Bill Van Auken, 5 juillet 2013

L’atterrissage forcé de l’avion du président Evo Morales, suspecté d'avoir à son bord Edward Snowden en partance pour la Bolivie comme pays d’asile, fait partie d'une descente dans le non-droit impérialiste, sans précédent depuis les années 1930.

Edward Snowden : planète sans visa

Par Bill Van Auken, 5 juillet 2013

Edward Snowden qui a courageusement révélé les programmes secrets d'espionnage américains ciblant des millions de gens aux États-Unis et sur toute la planète, est maintenant incapable de trouver un seul gouvernement prêt à lui accorder le droit d'asile.

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Evo Morales zur Landung gezwungen:
Internationales Gangstertum und die Jagd auf Snowden

Von Bill Van Auken, 5. Juli 2013

Dienstagnacht wurde das Flugzeug von Präsident Evo Morales zur Landung gezwungen, weil es angeblich Edward Snowden an Bord hatte. Dies ist imperialistische Gesetzlosigkeit, ohne Beispiel seit den 1930er Jahren.

Präsident Mursi durch Militärputsch gestürzt

Von Johannes Stern und Alex Lantier, 5. Juli 2013

Nach viertägigen Massenprotesten hat der Sturz des Präsidenten Mohammed Mursi eine Militärjunta an die Macht gebracht.

Chinesische Ausbeutungsverhältnisse in der deutschen Fleischindustrie

Von Clara Weiss und Philipp Frisch, 5. Juli 2013

Eine ARD-Dokumentation über die Verhältnisse in der Fleischindustrie zeigt, wie weit die Bundesregierung auf dem Weg zu „chinesischen Verhältnissen“ bereits gegangen ist.

Dresden: Prozess gegen Jugendpfarrer König ausgesetzt

Von Martin Nowak, 5. Juli 2013

Die Staatsanwaltschaft wirft dem aus Jena stammenden Jugendpfarrer vor, bei Anti-Nazi-Protesten in Dresden Demonstranten zu Gewalt gegen die Polizei angestachelt zu haben.

New in Spanish

El Rapto de Evo Morales
Gangsterismo internacional en persecución de Snowden

Por Bill Van Auken, 4 Julio 2013

El aterrizaje forzado del President Morales indica lo bajo que han caido Estados Unidos y Europa en la criminalidad.

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Convulsions in Egypt signal new era of world revolution

5 July 2013

Political lessons must be drawn from this week’s convulsive events in Egypt.

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Defend Edward Snowden!

The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party call on all workers, students and youth to come to the defense of Edward Snowden. To get involved, click here.

The hijacking of Evo Morales
International gangsterism in Snowden manhunt

By Bill Van Auken, 4 July 2013

Edward Snowden: Planet without a visa

3 July 2013

The US media and the case of Edward Snowden

By Barry Grey, 2 July 2013

Defend Edward Snowden!

By Barry Grey and David North, 13 June 2013

Liberal advocates of a police state turn savagely against Edward Snowden

By David North and Eric London, 14 June 2013

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“The entire future of democracy was hanging in the balance”
Historian Allen Guelzo speaks on the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

By Andre Damon, 4 July 2013

In an interview with the WSWS, Civil War historian Allen Guelzo explains the world historical significance of the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s subsequent Gettysburg Address.

Third day of Gettysburg anniversary: Discussions on Snowden and the decay of democracy

By Jerry White in Gettysburg, 4 July 2013

Workers and young people visiting the Gettysburg battlefields contrasted the powerful democratic ideals of Lincoln and the Union forces with government spying, war and inequality in contemporary America.

Two milestones in world history
The contemporary significance of the Declaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg

By Joseph Kishore, 1 July 2013

150 years since the Battle of Gettysburg

By Tom Mackaman, 1 July 2013

SEP (Australia) Election 2013

A socialist program against war, austerity and the drive to dictatorship

By the Socialist Equality Party, 5 July 2013

The SEP has issued a revised election statement to clarify the political significance of the ousting of Gillard and the reinstallation of Rudd as prime minister, and the necessity for workers and youth to support the SEP’s 2013 election campaign.

SEP (Australia) election campaign now online

4 July 2013

Click here for the SEP 2013 Campaign Web Site »

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The WSWS is posting a year-by-year Chronology, selected from its archive of more than 45,000 articles, to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the critical events of years 1998 to 2013.

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Workers Struggles

Mobilize the working class behind Bay Area transit workers!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 5 July 2013

This statement is being distributed to striking Bay Area Rapid Transit workers and other workers in Northern California.

NLC workers in south India strike against privatisation

By Arun Kumar and Deepal Jayasekera, 5 July 2013

The privatisation of the state-owned coal and power company can only be defeated as part of a broader challenge to the big business policies of India’s entire ruling elite.

Machinists and painters strike Daimler Trucks North America

By Hector Cordon, 5 July 2013

Defying the company and their union, over 700 workers in Portland have walked out against the largest truck builder in the US, formerly Freightliner.

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

5 July 2013

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Strike shuts down main transit system in California’s Bay Area

By David Brown, 2 July 2013

While the strike reflects growing working class opposition to the dictates of the corporations and banks, union leaders are working hard to isolate the struggle.

SEP (Germany) election campaign

Strong support for PSG election campaign in German state of Hesse

By Marianne Arens, 5 July 2013

Some 1,400 millionaires inhabit the German state of Hesse, while another 400,000 impoverished Hessians are dependent on paltry Hartz IV social benefits.

Support D'Artagnan Collier for Detroit Mayor

SEP Detroit mayoral candidate D’Artagnan Collier speaks at candidate forum

By Matthew MacEgan, 2 July 2013

More on SEP Detroit mayoral campaign »

Detroit in Crisis

Detroit pension cuts looming

By Bryan Dyne, 4 July 2013

More on the crisis in Detroit »

Socialist Equality Party

The fight against the break-up of the National Health Service

By Tony Robson, 5 July 2013

As Britain’s National Health Service reaches its 65th anniversary, it is imperiled by billions in cuts and government privatisation plans.

SEP/IYSSE meeting in Colombo: Defend Edward Snowden!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 4 July 2013

The SEP is holding a public meeting in defence of the NSA whistleblower who has exposed the vast surveillance operations of US intelligence agencies.

Attend Socialist Equality Party (UK) public meeting in London: Turkey at the Crossroads

1 July 2013

Arts Review

The Caucasian Chalk Circle: Brecht’s parable on “the temptation to do good”

By Fred Mazelis, 4 July 2013

The German mini-series Generation War: Five young people traumatized by World War II

By Bernd Reinhardt, 3 July 2013


Prosecution case vs. Bradley Manning threatens First Amendment rights to free speech and press

By Ed Hightower, 4 July 2013

White House delays health care requirement for businesses

By Richard Vargas and Barry Grey, 4 July 2013

German Left Party makes nationalist appeal

By Peter Schwarz, 3 July 2013

US Supreme Court ruling sparks new attacks on voting rights

By Ed Hightower, 3 July 2013

25 years ago: US shoots down Iranian airliner, killing 290

All 290 passengers and crew, including 66 children, were killed on July 3, 1988 when a US guided-missile cruiser shot an Iranian airliner out of the sky over the Persian Gulf.

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50 years ago: Sino-Soviet rift deepens

This week in 1963, relations between the Stalinist bureaucracies of the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China reached a new low.

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75 years ago: Evian Conference on fate of German Jews opens

On July 6, 1938 the Evian Conference opened in the French spa-town of Evian-les-Bains on the shore of Lake Geneva.

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100 years ago: Rioting miners shot dead by police in South Africa

On July 5, 1913, white miners rioting in Market Square in Johannesburg were fired upon by police, killing 25 people, including bystanders.

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