California court ruling signals nationwide attack on teacher tenure, seniority rights

By Gabriel Black, 12 June 2014

The anti-teacher ruling was immediately hailed by the Obama administration as creating a “new framework for the teaching profession” for the entire country.

Illinois Democrats gut Chicago city worker pensions

By Alexander Fangmann and Kristina Betinis, 12 June 2014

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill cutting the pensions of tens of thousands of Chicago workers by an estimated 20 percent.

US House Republican leader defeated in primary election

By Patrick Martin, 12 June 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a right-wing Republican, lost to a challenger who managed to outflank him from the right on immigration and budget-cutting.

UK schools witchhunted by government to foster anti-Muslim sentiment

By Robert Stevens, 12 June 2014

The witchhunt began in November when an anonymous letter, now widely accepted to have been a hoax, was sent to the media.

British NHS patients left without medications by private contractor

By Tony Robson, 12 June 2014

The recent Healthcare at Home debacle underscores the danger to public health resulting from the privatisation of the UK’s National Health Service.

Ten years since the neo-Nazi attack in Cologne, Germany

By Dietmar Henning, 12 June 2014

Tens of thousands gathered in the Cologne district of Mülheim earlier this week to protest against racism and far-right violence.

Detroit officials agree at DIA press conference: Workers must pay for bankruptcy

By Larry Porter and Jerry White, 12 June 2014

An announcement that the Big Three automakers are contributing a paltry sum to the so-called Grand Bargain was used to demand that retirees support the plan to gut their benefits.

More Detroit schools threatened with closure

By Muhammad Khan, 12 June 2014

Detroit’s “plan of adjustment”: A declaration of war against the working class

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Australia: Queensland government backflips on pensioner concessions

By Ellen Blake and Mike Head, 11 June 2014

Premier Campbell Newman’s about-face reveals fears in ruling circles about the groundswell of opposition toward the federal budget.

Unrest grows as Mexico’s economy goes into slump

By Don Knowland, 12 June 2014

President Peña Nieto’s plan to modernize the Mexican economy has led to slower growth and widespread disaffection with government policies.

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La violence policière et le goulag américain

Par Andre Damon, 12 juin 2014

Une récente série d'attaques policières et de meurtres ont mis en lumière le niveau explosif des tensions sociales qui bouillent tout juste sous la surface de la vie quotidienne et la brutalité de la classe dirigeante américaine.

Le nouveau président Poroshenko s'engage à militariser l'Ukraine et à écraser la rébellion dans l'est du pays

Par Mike Head, 12 juin 2014

Même si les médias occidentaux l'ont qualifié de puissante performance, son discours a démontré que Poroshenko n'est rien de plus qu'un représentant de l'impérialisme allemand, et particulièrement de l'impérialisme américain, et que celui-ci dépend entièrement d'eux.

L'Italie après les élections européennes

Par Marianne Arens, 12 juin 2014

La victoire électorale des Démocrates est due avant tout à l'absence d'une authentique alternative de gauche à leur politique droitière.

New in German

Australischer Haushalt und Kampf für soziale Gleichheit

Von Richard Phillips, 12. Juni 2014

Das Austeritätsprogramm der liberal-nationalen Koalitionsregierung von Premierminister Tony Abbott stößt auf weit verbreitete Opposition.

Labour macht sich rechten Nationalismus der UK Independence Party zu eigen

Von Jordan Shilton, 12. Juni 2014

Der Sieg der UKIP bei den Europawahlen in Großbritannien und die starken Zuwächse der Partei bei den Kommunalwahlen haben die Labour Party veranlasst, sich noch weiter nach Rechts zu bewegen und viele Kernpositionen von UKIP zu übernehmen.

Al Qaida-Abspaltung erobert Mosul von irakischen Regierungstruppen

Von Barry Grey, 12. Juni 2014

Die Niederlage von Regierungstruppen gegen ein paar hundert Aufständische ist eine Demütigung für die Zentralregierung. Sie enthüllt ihre Schwäche und stellt ihre weitere Existenz in Frage.

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The fall of Mosul and the crimes of imperialism

12 June 2014

The fall of Mosul to Al Qaeda-linked militias underscores the crimes of US imperialism in Iraq and throughout the region.

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Socialist Equality Party

Fight budget austerity! A socialist perspective for Australian workers

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 12 June 2014

This leaflet was distributed at trade union “Bust the Budget” rallies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Fifty years since the LSSP’s Great Betrayal in Sri Lanka
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

11 June 2014

Freedom of speech and the debate over Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act

By the Socialist Equality Party, 10 June 2014

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Satchmo at the Waldorf in New York: The life and times of jazz great Louis Armstrong

By Fred Mazelis, 12 June 2014

A one-man show in New York reveals something of the man behind the myth about an iconic figure in jazz history


New Zealand: Socialist Aotearoa endorses Mana-Internet Party alliance

By John Braddock, 12 June 2014

The Internet Party is a pro-business outfit seeking to further liberalise the market in favour of upwardly mobile Internet entrepreneurs.

The Australian budget and the fight for social equality

By Richard Phillips, 11 June 2014

Al Qaeda offshoot ISIS captures Mosul from Iraqi government forces

By Barry Grey, 11 June 2014

Australian Senate committee discusses threat of US-China war

By Mike Head, 11 June 2014

Italy after the European elections

By Marianne Arens, 11 June 2014

ILO report: A world blighted by poverty and inequality

Brazilian workers clash with police on eve of World Cup

Seattle’s $15-an-hour minimum wage of little benefit to workers

The UAW vs. the auto workers

Book Review

The diary of Lena Mukhina: An important document on the Leningrad blockade
Lenas Tagebuch, translated by Lena Gorelik and Gero Fedtke, Munich, 2013

By Clara Weiss, 11 June 2014

A crude celebration of Australian militarism

By Laura Tiernan, 9 June 2014


Nationalism and fascism in Ukraine: A historical overview
Part two

By Konrad Kreft and Clara Weiss, 10 June 2014

25 years ago: After election sweep, Walesa offers Polish Stalinists face-saving deal

On June 9, 1989, Solidarity leader Lech Walesa announced an agreement with the Polish government to hold a second round of elections following a June 4 vote in which the Communist Party candidates were routed.

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50 years ago: Mandela sentenced to prison in South Africa

On June 11, 1964, African National Congress Deputy President Nelson Mandela and seven other anti-apartheid leaders were convicted for having planned guerrilla actions against South Africa’s racist government.

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75 years ago: Spanish fascist troops given benediction by Pope Pius XII

On June 11, 1939, Pope Pius XII granted a special audience to 3,200 of General Franco’s fascist troops.

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100 years ago: Tensions between Greece and Turkey threaten war

On June 12, 1914, Greece issued an ultimatum to Turkey to cease the persecution and expulsion of the Greek population in Ottoman-controlled territories.

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