Obama exploits Iraq crisis as pretext for war against Syria

By Patrick Martin and Joseph Kishore, 20 June 2014

The Obama administration made clear on Thursday that a major deployment of US forces in the Middle East will include military strikes beyond the borders of Iraq.

Facing a debacle in Iraq, the US turns for help to Iran

German foreign minister Steinmeier agitates for war

By Ulrich Rippert, 20 June 2014

The demand for a German leadership role in Europe and the world has never been so shamelessly and forcefully raised since the end of Hitler’s “Führerstaat” 70 years ago.

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Ukraine regime launches military blitz after floating ceasefire plan

By Bill Van Auken, 20 June 2014

The most intense fighting since the Kiev regime launched its “anti-terrorist operation” has erupted in the immediate aftermath of Poroshenko proposing a unilateral ceasefire.

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Roma boy attacked by lynch mob in northern Paris

By Kumaran Ira, 20 June 2014

A 16-year-old Roma boy, Darius, was badly beaten by a vigilante mob last Friday in the north Paris suburb of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.

US Congressional committee gives GM a pass on deadly ignition defect

By Shannon Jones, 20 June 2014

A US House of Representatives panel investigating the recent GM recall failed to ask CEO Mary Barra or attorney Anton Valukas any serious or penetrating questions

A new wave of US school shootings and other violent acts

By James Brewer, 20 June 2014

Since the Newton, Connecticut shootings in December of 2012, 74 school shootings have taken place in the US.

Growing social inequality in Australia

By Richard Phillips, 20 June 2014

New data shows that Australia’s richest 1 percent own the same wealth as the bottom 60 percent of the population.

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Australian High Court sanctions indefinite offshore refugee detention

By Mike Head, 20 June 2014

The judges rubberstamped legislation introduced by the previous Labor government to remove any requirement to adhere to the international Refugee Convention.

Greek public building cleaners defy police repression, demand reinstatement

By Robert Stevens, 20 June 2014

Laid-off cleaners, who were recently attacked by riot police, continued their protests this week.

Low-income UK residents pay higher tax rates than the wealthy

By Robert Stevens, 20 June 2014

A new report by the Equality Trust exposes the regressive character of Britain’s tax system.

UK: Hillsborough disaster inquest reveals safety violations by stadium operator

By Barry Mason, 20 June 2014

Testimony in ongoing inquiry into the 1989 stadium disaster, in which 96 people lost their lives, showed that the venue had an out-of-date safety certificate.

IG-Metall holds bogus “youth protest” at GM-Opel in Rüsselsheim, Germany

By Marianne Arens, 20 June 2014

The same day as the event, the German metalworkers’ union signed a deal with GM-Opel sealing the fate of thousands of workers losing their jobs at the company’s Bochum plant.

Dilapidated, overcrowded public schools in the Philippines

By Dante Pastrana, 20 June 2014

An estimated 21 million students are crammed, in shifts, into buildings that are falling apart, lacking facilities, chairs, textbooks or even chalk.

New in French

Les médias américains et la débâcle en Irak

Par Bill Van Auken, 19 juin 2014

Un article écrit par Chelsea (Bradley) Manning depuis sa prison pointe le rôle criminel joué par les médias américains pour faire accepter la guerre à la population américaine.

Les cheminots manifestent contre la privatisation de la SNCF

Par Anthony Torres, 19 juin 2014

Le 17 juin, environ 1.000 manifestants se sont réunis à Paris pour manifester contre le projet du Parti socialiste de privatiser la SNCF.

Le président français soutient la révolte des généraux contre la réduction du budget de la défense

Par Antoine Lerougetel, 19 juin 2014

Les chefs militaires français ont ouvertement menacé de démissionner pour obliger le gouvernement à reculer sur les coupes prévues dans les budgets militaires.

Le gouvernement PS ignore le mouvement de protestation général des intermittents du spectacle et attaque leurs allocations chômage

Par Pierre Mabut, 19 juin 2014

Une dizaine de milliers de travailleurs du spectacle ont manifesté devant le ministère de la Culture à Paris lundi 16 juin dans le cadre d'actions qui eurent lieu dans toute la France.

New in German

Zwei Jahre Asyl in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft
Verteidigt Julian Assange!

Von Bill Van Auken, 20. Juni 2014

Assanges einziges "Verbrechen" war es, Geheimdokumente zu veröffentlichen und damit Kriegsverbrechen der US-Regierung im Irak und Afghanistan und Verschwörungen aufzudecken, die vom Außenministerium in Ländern auf der ganzen Welt ausgeheckt wurden.

Deutschland: Innenminister warnt vor “tödlicher Gefahr” durch Islamisten

Von Peter Schwarz, 20. Juni 2014

Innenminister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) hat am Mittwoch dringend vor terroristischen Anschlägen islamistischer „Gotteskrieger“ in Deutschland und ganz Europa gewarnt.

CIA plante, Edward Snowden zu entführen

Von Robert Stevens, 20. Juni 2014

Wie der Register berichtet, hat die CIA im Juni letzten Jahres ein Flugzeug nach Europa geschickt, um Whistleblower Edward Snowden zu ergreifen.

Opel Bochum: IGM-Sozialtarifvertrag spaltet und erpresst Arbeiter

Von Dietmar Henning, 20. Juni 2014

Auf einer Betriebsversammlung in der Dortmunder Westfalenhalle informierte die IG Metall gemeinsam mit der Opel-Unternehmensleitung am Montag die Bochumer Opel-Belegschaft über die Konsequenzen der Werksschließung zum Jahresende.

Envio-Prozess in Dortmund:
Vertuschung im größten deutschen Giftmüllskandal geht weiter

Von Sybille Fuchs, 20. Juni 2014

Der Giftmüllskandal, bei dem zahlreiche Arbeiter der Dortmunder Recycling-Firma Envio durch hohe Dosen des giftigen, krebserregenden Stoffes PCB verseucht wurden, bleibt auch nach einem neuen Gerichtstermin am 5. Juni ungeklärt.

Museum des 11. September:
Eine Fälschung der Geschichte

Von Philip Guelpa, 20. Juni 2014

Das Nationale Museum des 11. September in New York öffnete am 21. Mai für die Öffentlichkeit. Es ist die teuerste derartige Einrichtung in den Vereinigten Staaten.

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Economy slumps, Wall Street booms

20 June 2014

The Federal Reserve cut its estimate of US economic growth this year and scaled back its longer-term projection, a virtual admission that slump and falling living standards for the masses of people are here to stay.

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Arts Review

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black: Humanity inside a US women’s prison

By Ed Hightower, 20 June 2014

The television series, based on the experiences of a former inmate, takes a generally serious and realistic look—something terribly rare on American television—at the prison population in the US.

New York’s Metropolitan Opera cancels broadcasts of The Death of Klinghoffer

19 June 2014

A great Soviet film about World War II
No more war! The anti-war message of The Cranes Are Flying (1957)

A further comment on The Cranes Are Flying

By Wolfgang Weber, 19 June 2014

The Cranes Are Flying was a great success in East and West Germany, as it was in the Soviet Union.

1928-2014: Maya Angelou, writer, performer and participant in the civil rights movement

By Isaac Finn and Sandy English, 18 June 2014

Ruby Dee, American actress and activist, dead at 91

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

20 June 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Socialist Party government ignores mass protest to attack French culture workers’ jobless benefits

By Pierre Mabut, 18 June 2014

French rail workers, artists protest social cuts

Book Review

A damning exposure of the assault on public education in the US
Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools

Diane Ravitch’s bestseller powerfully indicts the government and corporate interests attacking public education.

Timothy Geithner’s Stress Test: Confessions of a Wall Street bag-man

By Andre Damon, 18 June 2014

Stress Test, the memoir published last month by former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, documents the conspiracy to prepare and execute the 2008 bank bailout from the point of view of the operation’s leading architect.


Two years of asylum in Ecuadorian embassy
Defend Julian Assange!

CIA planned rendition of Edward Snowden

By Robert Stevens, 18 June 2014

More on NSA spying and the defense of Edward Snowden »

Jürgen Habermas—Germany's state philosopher turns 85

By Ulrich Rippert, 18 June 2014

More questions than answers after US commandos seize Benghazi attack suspect

By Patrick Martin, 19 June 2014

25 years ago: US wildcat strikes support Pittston coal miners

Wildcat strikes in coalfields broke out in Alabama, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio on June 19, 1989, despite a back-to-work demand by the union leadership.

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50 years ago: Three civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi

On June 21, 1964, three young civil rights workers were kidnapped and murdered in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

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75 years ago: Goebbels makes violent threats in Danzig

German Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels visited the Free State of Danzig (today Gdansk, Poland) to present his regime’s Culture Prize on June 18, 1939.

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100 years ago: Major coal mining disasters in Canada and Belgium

On June 19, 1914, coal miners and their families faced tragedy in two incidents in Canada and Belgium.

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