Anger builds against CWA conspiracy to end Verizon strike

By Shannon Jones, 31 May 2016

Workers are opposing the attempt by the unions to shut down the Verizon strike and ram through a sellout agreement without discussion or review.

No contract, No work!
Stop the CWA-IBEW sabotage of Verizon strike!

By the WSWS <em>Verizon Strike Newsletter</em>, 31 May 2016

Verizon workers circulate petition opposing CWA end of strike order

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Chicago's homeless speak on poverty, inequality and budget cuts

By Jeff Lusanne, 31 May 2016

WSWS reporters spoke to homeless people in Chicago about their living conditions and the budgetary cuts to critical social programs.

Record Illinois budget impasse deepens social crisis and increases homelessness

By George Marlowe, 31 May 2016

China prepares to send nuclear submarines into Pacific Ocean

By Peter Symonds, 31 May 2016

Chinese submarines will be deployed in an effort to prevent Beijing’s nuclear arsenal being wiped out in an American nuclear first strike.

The danger of nuclear war between the US and China

Indian Stalinists abet US war plans against China

By K. Ratnayake and Keith Jones, 31 May 2016

The CPM’s opposition to the India-US basing agreement is a sham and a political trap, aimed at tying the working class to the Indian bourgeoisie, its parties and state.

Korean survivors concerned about Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

By Ben McGrath, 31 May 2016

Victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki fear they will continue to be ignored following the US president’s trip.

Divisions over Europe tear through UK Conservative Party

By Robert Stevens, 31 May 2016

Several leading Tory euro-sceptics made unprecedented attacks on Prime Minister David Cameron over the weekend.

Financial parasitism and the global housing crisis

By Gabriel Black, 31 May 2016

Rent and housing costs in major cities have skyrocketed since the financial crisis, cutting into workers’ living standards and prompting concerns about a global housing bubble.

California Primary highlights political crisis in Democratic Party

By David Brown, 31 May 2016

Leading Democrats in California are nervous that Sanders cannot control the social unrest that he is trying to channel into the Democratic Party.

As Clinton crisis intensfies, Sanders pledges to back Democratic Party nominee

Socialist Alternative, ISO work to channel opposition into the Democratic Party

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Nearly 5,000 Macy’s workers set to go on strike

By Mark Witkowski and Philip Guelpa, 31 May 2016

New York area Macy’s workers voted earlier in May to authorize strike action against the company’s demands.

New in Russian

Волна забастовок против мер жесткой экономии распространяется во Франции и Бельгии

Кумаран Ира, 31 мая 2016 г.

Полицейские репрессии во Франции и Бельгии в отношении протестующих против мер жесткой экономии вызывают возмущение рабочих и вовлекают в борьбу более широкие слои рабочего класса.

New in French

La CGT tente de bloquer la grève générale contre la loi travail

Par Alex Lantier, 31 mai 2016

Sur l'émission BFM-Politique, le secrétaire général de la CGT Philippe Martinez a dit qu'il participait à des discussions secrètes avec le gouvernement sur la loi travail.

Les travailleurs d'une raffinerie française en grève s'expriment sur la loi travail

Par Alex Lantier et Johannes Stern, 31 mai 2016

Ce weekend, des reporters du WSWS ont visité la raffinerie Total à Grandpuits, qui est en grève contre la loi travail antiouvrière du Parti socialiste (PS). Cette loi permet au patronat d'augmenter la durée du travail et facilite les réductions de salaire et les licenciements.

Québec prépare un nouvel assaut sur les employés municipaux

Par Laurent Lafrance, 31 mai 2016

En donnant des pouvoirs accrus aux municipalités, la loi que prépare le gouvernement Couillard va accélérer la privatisation en s’attaquant au plancher d’emplois garantis.

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Who is responsible for the massacre in the Mediterranean?

31 May 2016

With estimates of up to 900 refugees drowning, the past week has been the deadliest so far this year.

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Right-wing German academic Jörg Baberowski demands more repression against refugees

By Christoph Vandreier, 31 May 2016

At the Phil.Cologne congress, the Humboldt University professor declared that “men in Germany” were helpless against refugees because they had forgotten how to fight.

The politics and origins of Britain’s Spiked-Online—Part Two

By Zach Reed, 31 May 2016

In the hands of Spiked, invocations of “free speech” are transformed into a justification for attacking broader democratic rights.

Author Steven Brust replies to petition of writers against Trump

30 May 2016

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Arts Review

A talk given in San Diego, Berkeley, and Ann Arbor
Art, war and social revolution—Part 1

By David Walsh, 31 May 2016

This talk was given by WSWS arts editor David Walsh at San Diego State University, University of California Berkeley, and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in April and May.

Sing Street from Ireland, A Bigger Splash from Italy: Neglected realities


Ninety years since the coup of Piłsudski
The Strategy of the Intermarium—Part 1
The Intermarium and the Russian Revolution

By Clara Weiss, 31 May 2016

This is the first part of a series reviewing the history of the Intermarium, the main basis of which emerged in the period leading up to World War I, as a bourgeois nationalist antipode to the United Socialist States of Europe as proposed by Leon Trotsky.

Class struggle in France

Video: Striking oil workers speak out against anti-worker French labor law

By Alex Lantier and Johannes Stern, 30 May 2016

Over the weekend, WSWS reporters visited the Total refinery in Grandpuits, which is on strike to protest the Socialist Party government’s anti-worker labor law.

CGT union tries to block general strike against French labor law

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SEP (Australia) Election Campaign

Australian election: SEP candidates campaign against war

By our reporters, 31 May 2016

Workers and young people denounced the billions being squandered on the military and the bipartisan assault on education, healthcare and jobs.

Australia’s wealthy soar while millions face destitution

By Erin Cooke—SEP candidate for the Senate in Queensland, 31 May 2016

Such levels of inequality are a direct product of the irrationality of the entire capitalist system.

Banality and lies mark Australian election “debate”

By James Cogan—SEP candidate for the Senate in NSW, 30 May 2016

Australian media vendetta against worker who questioned tax breaks for wealthy

Public meetings on the Australian election
Support the SEP in 2016! No to war and budget cuts! For socialism and internationalism!

Read the SEP 2016 Election Statement! »

SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

The Socialist Equality Party (Germany) stands candidates for the Berlin state elections

By Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, 31 May 2016

The Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, the German section of the Fourth International, is standing seven candidates in September’s Berlin state elections.

Support the election campaign of the Socialist Equality Party in Berlin! Vote against war and militarism!

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

SEP election meeting in Detroit on May 31 to be streamed live on Facebook

30 May 2016

Attend the May 31 SEP election meeting: “Battlefield Detroit”

Young people in America: A lost generation stuck at home

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Socialist Equality Party (UK)

The Brexit referendum, socialism and the European working class

By Julie Hyland, 26 May 2016

UK: Left Leave campaign lays out its nationalist agenda in Brexit referendum

Meeting in Sheffield on June 7
For an active boycott of the Brexit referendum!—Socialism versus left nationalism

26 May 2016

25 years ago: White House tapes shed light on development of Nixon crisis

Sixty hours of previously unreleased Nixon White House tapes were made available on June 4, 1991, by the US National Archives.

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50 years ago: Indira Gandhi devalues rupee

On June 5, 1966, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced that on the following day the rupee, the Indian national currency, would be devalued by 57.4 percent.

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75 years ago: World War II spreads to Syria

On June 4, 1941, British bombers dropped heavy explosives on oil tanks and harbor installations in Beirut, Lebanon and blew up bridges in Syria.

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100 years ago: Russian Army begins major World War I offensive

On June 4, 1916, the Imperial Russian Army began a major offensive against Austria-Hungary on the eastern front of World War I, in the area of modern-day Ukraine.

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Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

31 May 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.