Germany and EU look set to reject Greece’s request for six-month loan extension

By Robert Stevens, 19 February 2015

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble denounced a new Greek proposal for a six-month loan extension and demanded further austerity measures.

European Union gives no quarter in war against Greek workers

Pseudo-left embrace Syriza’s alliance with the Independent Greeks

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US steps up threats against Russia as Ukrainian troops retreat from Debaltseve

By Niles Williamson, 19 February 2015

US and EU officials continued to threaten further economic sanctions and military escalation as pro-Russian separatists solidified control over a key transit hub in eastern Ukraine.

New evidence implicates pro-US opposition in Maidan killings during Kiev coup

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German government prepares new military doctrine

By Johannes Stern, 19 February 2015

German Defense Minister von der Leyen delivered a speech Tuesday announcing the preparation of a new foreign policy White Paper codifying a program of militarism and rearmament.

Mounting violence against Muslims in America

By Tom Carter, 19 February 2015

The American political and media establishment bears a significant portion of the responsibility for the spurt of racist attacks on Muslims.

Widespread anger over killing of three Muslim students in North Carolina

Alabama judge asks courts to defy order granting same-sex marriage licenses

By Eric London, 19 February 2015

Judge Roy Moore’s order amounts to a repudiation of the Fourteenth Amendment, which was passed after the American Civil War.

White House outlines policy for deepening intervention in Central America

By Matthew Brennan, 19 February 2015

The Obama administration’s rhetoric about democracy and immigration reform masks US imperialism’s real aims in the region.

Right-wing nationalists regain Croatian presidency

By Paul Mitchell, 19 February 2015

Croatia's unemployment rate is among the highest in Europe, and nearly half of the country's youth are without jobs.

Study shows inequality much higher in Germany than previously estimated

By Denis Krassnin, 19 February 2015

The richest .1 percent of the German population controls as much as 16 percent of the country's wealth.

Oxfam: Richest one percent set to control more wealth than the bottom 99 percent

Finance capital pushes for Australian economic “restructuring”

By Nick Beams, 19 February 2015

For the dominant sections of the financial elite, the political impasse facing the Abbott government goes far beyond currently-stalled budgetary measures.

Sri Lankan foreign minister visits US to strengthen ties

By Sanjaya Jayasekera, 19 February 2015

Samaraweera’s trip underscores the rapid transformation of relations between the two countries since the Sirisena government was installed in Colombo.

Australia: Sydney residents shocked by police shooting of 22-year-old woman

By our reporters, 19 February 2015

Workers and youth voiced their concerns about the brutal police killing of Courtney Topic in Hoxton Park, a southwestern Sydney suburb.

New in Russian

Новые свидетельства причастности проамериканской оппозиции к убийствам на Майдане в ходе переворота в Киеве

Андреа Питерс, 19 февраля 2015 г.

Недавние сообщения BBC и Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung указывают на то, что крайне-правые силы, подерживаемые НАТО, руководили убийствами гражданских лиц в ходе прошлогоднего переворота в Киеве.

New in French

Loi Macron: le gouvernement passe en force sans vote de l’Assemblée

Par Alex Lantier, 19 février 2015

Le gouvernement impose sa loi réactionnaire en ayant recours à l’anti-démocratique article 49-3 de la Constitution.

Le syndicat des Teamsters utilise les menaces du gouvernement pour étouffer la grève au Canadien Pacifique

Par Carl Bronski, 19 février 2015

Le syndicat des Teamsters a capitulé devant la menace d’une loi spéciale brandie par le gouvernement conservateur et a ordonné la fin de la grève tout juste 36 heures après son déclenchement.

New in German

EU bleibt unnachgiebig im Krieg gegen die griechischen Arbeiter

Von Christoph Dreier und Barry Grey, 19. Februar 2015

Die europäischen Eliten sind rasch zum Schluss gelangt, dass Syriza nicht die aufständischen Massen vertritt, sondern als Bittsteller der gescheiterten griechischen Kapitalisten zu ihnen kommt.

Weißbuch 2016: Bundesregierung entwickelt neue Militärdoktrin

Von Johannes Stern, 19. Februar 2015

Am Dienstag gab Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) den Startschuss für die Erarbeitung einer neuen Sicherheits- und Militärstrategie für Deutschland.

Prorussische Separatisten nehmen die ostukrainische Stadt Debalzewe ein

Von Niles Williamson und Johannes Stern, 19. Februar 2015

Das Regime in Kiew und seine westlichen Verbündeten reagieren auf die schwere Niederlage der ukrainischen Armee mit neuen Drohungen gegen Russland.

Frankreich: Regierung setzt Sparpolitik ohne Zustimmung des Parlaments durch

Von Alex Lantier, 19. Februar 2015

Die Regierung setzt ihr Gesetz mit Hilfe des antidemokratischen Paragraphen 49-3 der Verfassung durch.

Japanischer Premierminister fordert Verfassungsänderung

Von Peter Symonds, 19. Februar 2015

In einer politischen Grundsatzrede vor dem japanischen Parlament präsentierte Premierminister Shinzo Abe seine militaristische Agenda.

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Japanese prime minister pushes to end constitutional limits on the military

19 February 2015

The Japanese ruling class increasingly views the post-war constitution as an intolerable impediment to pursuing its imperialist ambitions in Asia and internationally.

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US Oil Workers Strike

Explosion rocks California refinery as oil strike continues

By Thomas Gaist, 19 February 2015

There is widespread support among workers at Exxon Mobil’s Torrance, California refinery—where the explosion took place Wednesday—to join the 5,200 oil workers already on strike.

A warning to US oil workers: The United Steelworkers’ record of betrayal

By Shannon Jones, 18 February 2015

A photo slideshow of the US oil workers’ strike

11 February 2015

The political significance of the US oil workers’ strike

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The Social Crisis in America

House fire in Hamtramck, Michigan kills four, including two children

By Khara Sikhan, 19 February 2015

The source of the fire is not yet known, though house fires are often caused by space heaters or other unsafe heating devices.

Report documents growth of extreme poverty in Rochester, New York

By Jason Melanovski, 19 February 2015

16.2 percent of Rochester's population lives in extreme poverty, more than any other mid-sized city in the US.

Hazel Park, Michigan retiree dies of hypothermia after gas shutoff

By Shannon Jones, 18 February 2015

House fires kill 71 people in the US during the first week of February

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Socialist Equality Party

SEP Australia to stand in New South Wales state election
Against war and austerity! For social equality and democratic rights!

By the Socialist Equality Party, 19 February 2015

The SEP campaign will advance a socialist and internationalist program to fight war, austerity budget cuts, attacks on jobs and conditions and the assault on democratic rights.

Arts Review

65th Berlin International Film Festival—Part 1
Pulling down the shutters at the Berlinale

By Stefan Steinberg, 19 February 2015

War raging in the middle of Europe, accelerating inequality, social decline at a level unknown since the 1930s…none of these issues got a look in.

The Two Faces of January: Three Americans joined together by crime

By David Walsh, 16 February 2015


Canada: Why is the Globe and Mail denouncing Harper’s latest “anti-terrorism” bill?

By Roger Jordan, 18 February 2015

French government forces through austerity measures without vote in parliament

By Alex Lantier, 18 February 2015

Mounting signs of global economic stagnation

By Nick Beams, 18 February 2015

White House delays immigration order after court ruling

By Andre Damon, 18 February 2015

Report points to global spyware operation by US

By Thomas Gaist, 18 February 2015

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Detroit bankruptcy judge approves $178 million in legal and consulting fees

By James Brewer, 18 February 2015

Oil trains derail and burst into flames in Canada, US

US-NATO war games prepare massive military escalation in West Africa

CIA whistleblower calls for prosecution of officials responsible for torture


Nearly 4,000 blacks were lynched in Jim Crow South, report finds

By Tom Mackaman, 17 February 2015

A new study compiles extra-judicial murders of African Americans that took place between 1870 and 1940.

Seventy years since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army

By Clara Weiss, 16 February 2015

Workers Struggles

Sri Lankan police attack estate workers protesting police killing

By M. Devarajah and A. Shanthakumar, 18 February 2015

Citing government threats, Teamsters suppress Canadian Pacific rail strike

By Carl Bronski, 17 February 2015

Obama administration intervenes against West Coast dock workers

By Jerry White, 16 February 2015

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

No to war and austerity! Join the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 16 February 2015

The following statement is being distributed by members of the IYSSE at university orientation days across Australia over the next two weeks.

25 years ago: Marion Barry refuses to resign in the face of drug charges

Washington, DC Mayor Marion Barry accused the US Department of Justice of conducting a “political lynching” in the indictments brought against him this week, 25 years ago.

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50 years ago: Malcolm X assassinated

On February 21, 1965, black nationalist leader Malcolm X was assassinated by gunmen loyal to the rival Nation of Islam at a rally of his supporters in the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan.

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75 years ago: British-German military actions off Norway

On February 16, 1940, the British Navy sailed into Norwegian waters and intercepted the Altmark, a German supply ship, which was carrying 299 British merchant seamen as prisoners.

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100 years ago: Rosa Luxemburg imprisoned by German authorities

On February 18, 1915, the revolutionary Marxist leader Rosa Luxemburg was imprisoned by German authorities for her opposition to the imperialist world war.

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The Fight Against Imperialist War

IYSSE wins seat in Humboldt University Parliament

22 January 2015