Trump deepens appeal to fascist right

By Patrick Martin, 18 August 2017

There is a political and social chasm between the popular outrage against Trump and the criticism coming from within the ruling elite.

Trump’s defense of Nazi violence: The mask comes off

AFL-CIO president leaves Trump’s Manufacturing Council: An exercise in hypocrisy and damage control

European governments condemn Trump’s statements on Charlottesville

By Alex Lantier, 18 August 2017

With far right forces rising across Europe, invocations of “Western values” by the European political establishment against Trump are false and hypocritical to the core.

German politicians and media promoted the ideology on display in Charlottesville

Thirteen dead, over 80 injured in Islamic State attack in Barcelona, Spain

By Alejandro López and Alex Lantier, 18 August 2017

Coordinated attacks apparently took place in several cities, and large-scale operations by police special forces were unfolding early this morning across Catalonia.

Grenfell Tower fire: “I believe that it is social cleansing, and we are now seeing the result of it”

By our reporters, 18 August 2017

WSWS reporters spoke to residents of Ladbroke Grove about the Grenfell Tower fire and the SEP’s public meeting to be held Saturday.

London residents hold silent march for Grenfell victims

More on the Grenfell Tower fire »

Trump administration ends immigration program for Latin American minors

By Shelley Connor, 18 August 2017

The termination of the Central American Minors program is the latest assault on immigrants by the Trump administration, expanding on the policies of Obama.

Notes on police violence
Charges dropped against Texas sheriff’s deputies accused of sexually violating woman during traffic stop

By Nick Barrickman, 18 August 2017

Harris County sheriff’s deputies had been facing charges after a 2015 roadside stop resulted in the officers conducting a warrantless cavity search.

Trump, appealing to far-right, considers pardon for Joe Arpaio

More on police violence in America »

Ground crew strike at Toronto International Airport

By Carl Bronski, 18 August 2017

Swissport—a transnational airport aviation services company—is seeking to impose a vicious, concessionary contract on ground crew and baggage handlers.

IMF sharpens its warning on “dangerous” Chinese debt growth

By Nick Beams, 18 August 2017

According to the IMF, the increased Chinese debt, resulting from government efforts to stimulate the economy, could lead to a financial crisis.

China accelerates privatisation of state-owned enterprises

By Gary Alvernia, 18 August 2017

The conversion of SOEs to joint-stock companies is a form of back-door privatisation that will intensify the attacks on Chinese workers’ jobs and conditions.

Earthquake in China kills 25

By Robert Campion, 18 August 2017

Since the devastating quake in Sichuan Province in 2008, little has been done to address the quality of building materials in the countryside.

India imposes regressive nationwide sales tax

By Kranti Kumara, 18 August 2017

India’s “big bang” tax reform is aimed at shifting a still greater share of the tax burden onto working people, and away from big business, the rich and super-rich.

Another Australian cabinet minister faces disqualification

By Mike Head, 18 August 2017

A furore over dual citizenship of members of parliament is now throwing into doubt the survival of the Liberal-National Coalition government.

New in Spanish

Trabajadores de la seguridad del aeropuerto de Barcelona desafían el rompimiento de la huelga por parte de la policía militarizada

Por Alejandro Lopez, 18 agosto 2017

Los trabajadores votaron rechazar exigencias del gobierno regional para terminar la huelga a pesar de la amenaza de intervención de la Guardia Civil.

El gobierno indonesio prohibe el grupo Hizbut Tahrir

Por John Roberts, 18 agosto 2017

El gobierno de Widodo teme que la creciente inestabilidad política generará un movimiento social desde abajo y está adoptando medidas draconianas antidemocráticas.

Cincuenta años desde la rebelión de Detroit:
Segunda Parte: La explosión

Por Barry Grey, 18 agosto 2017

El WSWS presenta una serie en tres partes de julio 1987 intitulada “A veinte años de la rebelión de Detroit”. Esta es la segunda parte.

New in French

Les Haïtiens des États-Unis et du Canada menacés de déportation risquent l'exploitation, la pauvreté et la répression

Par John Marion, 18 août 2017

Plus de 50.000 Haïtiens risquent d'être déportés des États-Unis quand leur Statut de protection temporaire prendra fin en janvier. Les milliers d'autres qui ont traversé la frontière pour se rendre au Canada à la recherche de meilleures conditions de vie sont dans une situation semblable.

Première partie : Amazon s’enrichit grâce aux crimes de guerre et à la surveillance de masse

Par Evan Blake, 17 août 2017

Depuis la signature d'un accord de 511 millions d'euros avec la CIA en 2013, Amazon est devenu de plus en plus intégré avec l'appareil d'État américain et impliqué dans ses crimes.

Deuxième partie : Amazon, la propagande de guerre et la suppression de la liberté d’expression

Par Evan Blake, 18 août 2017

Amazon s’est gagné la confiance de la CIA en censurant WikiLeaks et, depuis la construction du nuage C2S, a établi des liens sans cesse plus étroits avec l’appareil de renseignement militaire.

New in German

Trump verteidigt Nazi-Gewalt: Die Maske ist gefallen

Joseph Kishore, 18. August 2017

Mit seiner Verteidigung der rechtsradikalen Ausschreitungen am letzten Wochenende hat Trump die hässliche Wahrheit über den amerikanischen Kapitalismus enthüllt.

Flüchtlinge: Tödlicher Deal mit der libyschen Küstenwache

Marianne Arens, 18. August 2017

Die EU-Staaten bedienen sich der libyschen Küstenwache, um die Flüchtlinge von Europa fernzuhalten. Die NGOs werden als lästige Zeugen aus dem Mittelmeerraum verdrängt.

70 Jahre seit der kommunalistischen Teilung Indiens

Keith Jones, 18. August 2017

Vor 70 Jahren, am 15. August 1947, übergaben die britischen Kolonialherren Südasiens die Macht an eine „unabhängige“ indische Regierung.

Tamilische Nationalisten unterstützen Staatsaufrüstung in Sri Lanka

K. Nesan, 18. August 2017

In den letzten drei Wochen hat die Polizei in der tamilischen Gegend von Jaffna mehr als 100 Personen festgenommen.

Other Languages


The working class and the fight against Trump

18 August 2017

Covered up in all the media and political commentary that has followed Trump’s press conference is the fact that the central target of his political strategy is the working class, of all races and ethnicities.

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Google Censorship

The World Socialist Web Site is launching a petition demanding that Google stop censoring and blacklisting left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites.

Sign the petition and share it as widely as possible through email, online forums, and social media.

Over 1,000 sign petition to demand end to Google blacklisting of WSWS

By Isaac Finn, 16 August 2017

Google’s new search protocol is restricting access to 13 leading socialist, progressive and anti-war web sites

By Andre Damon and David North, 2 August 2017

Google blocked every one of the WSWS’s 45 top search terms

By Andre Damon, 4 August 2017

Watch: Stop online censorship!

Evidence of Google blacklisting of left and progressive sites continues to mount

Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis visits Google and Amazon

RT interviews Andre Damon: Google becoming “censorship engine”

More on Google Censorship »


The New York Times and “white nationalism”

By Barry Grey, 17 August 2017

Trump administration demands Internet records on 1.3 million political opponents

By Don Barrett and Niles Niemuth, 17 August 2017

A temporary step back in US-North Korean tensions

By Peter Symonds, 17 August 2017

More on North Korea »

Pseudo-left Popular Unity Candidacy campaigns for Catalan separatism

By Alejandro López, 17 August 2017

Seventy years since the communal Partition of South Asia

By Keith Jones, 16 August 2017

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

18 August 2017

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

CSX railroad closes and downgrades major facilities

By Jeff Lusanne, 10 August 2017


Early Women Filmmakers: An International Anthology—A largely untold story

By Charles Bogle, 17 August 2017

This collection samples the work of 14 early women directors (1902-1943). International in scope, the anthology brings to light the important contributions that these directors made to the development of film as an art form.

“The night our eyes changed”
Five musical responses to the Grenfell Tower inferno

By Paul Bond, 16 August 2017

Rescue Under Fire (Zona hostil): Propaganda in the service of Spanish militarism

British Library exhibition treats Russian Revolution from a hostile standpoint

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
August 14-20: The Kornilov menace

14 August 2017

Among the landowners, capitalists and old tsarist military castes, Kerensky is increasingly viewed as wavering and ineffective. What is needed instead, they believe, is a military dictator who will smash the power of the soviets.

From the archives of the Russian Revolution
Letter to the Provisional Government

By Leon Trotsky, 31 July 2017

Professor Sean McMeekin revives discredited anti-Lenin slanders (Part I)

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

International Amazon Workers Voice

Working life at a Pittsburgh Amazon warehouse

By Samuel Davidson, 10 August 2017

Amazon and Foxconn in Kenosha, Wisconsin: The new American “special economic zone”

By Christopher Davion, 8 August 2017

“It’s like we are going back to the early 1900s before workers had any rights”
Amazon job applicants speak on social crisis in US

By Isaac Finn, 4 August 2017

Amazon Jobs Day: A Tale of Two Americas

Amazon and the CIA: a match made in hell
Part One: Amazon cashes in on war crimes and mass surveillance

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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Curiosity rover marks fifth year on Mars

By Bryan Dyne, 9 August 2017

Maruti Suzuki

Sri Lankan free trade workers express solidarity with framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers in India

By our reporters, 1 August 2017

Aisin Automotive workers in India’s Haryana state face a new company-government witchhunt

Five years since company-provoked incident used to frame up Maruti Suzuki workers

The Maruti Suzuki frame-up and the history of international labor defense campaigns

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party of Germany presents its posters for September federal election

By our reporters, 7 August 2017

Public meeting in Chennai, India: Oppose the US-led imperialist war drive!

7 August 2017


Fifty years since the Detroit rebellion
Part one: An uprising of the oppressed

By Barry Grey, 21 July 2017

The WSWS is posting a three-part series originally published in July of 1987 under the title “Twenty years since the Detroit rebellion.”

Mehring Books

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 23 June 2017

A Turkish language edition of The Heritage We Defend by David North will be released next month by Mehring Yayıncılık, the publishing house of the Socialist Equality Group (Toplumsal Esitlik), the Trotskyist organization in Turkey working in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International. The Heritage We Defend was originally published in 1988. We are posting the preface for the Turkish edition written by David North.