Trump tax cut plan will devastate public education

By Patrick Martin, 6 December 2017

By one estimate, slashing the deduction for state and local income taxes would threaten between 250,000 and 370,000 jobs in public education.

Following passage of Senate tax bill, US ruling class takes aim at Social Security and Medicare

The US Senate tax bill: The financial oligarchy on the rampage

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International Olympic Committee bans Russia from 2018 Olympics in political provocation

By Josh Varlin, 6 December 2017

The move is intended to humiliate and isolate Russia, facilitating a long-term campaign by US imperialism to remove Russia as an obstacle to American hegemony.

Rio 2016: The “Olympic ideal” and the reality of capitalism

Proposed Brexit deal blocked by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party

By Robert Stevens, 6 December 2017

The May government has failed to reach an agreement with the European Union after seven months of acrimonious talks.

Foreign minister Gabriel promotes German big power politics

By Peter Schwarz, 6 December 2017

Gabriel’s new course marks a break with German foreign policy of the last seventy years and a return to pre-1945 politics.

German military leadership calls for massive rearmament program

Catalan election campaign begins amid Popular Party government repression

By Paul Mitchell and Chris Marsden, 6 December 2017

The common concerns of workers and youth, Spanish and Catalan, have been buried under an avalanche of divisive nationalist rhetoric.

John Conyers forced to resign from Congress as sex witch-hunt escalates

By a reporter, 6 December 2017

The Detroit Democrat is the most prominent congressional victim of the media campaign over charges of sexual misconduct.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi demands Representative John Conyers resign over harassment claims

Worker killed at ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas

By Trévon Austin, 6 December 2017

The worker’s death highlights deteriorating safety standards in the oil industry, which have only worsened due to the collaboration of the United Steelworkers union.

Brazil, US and 20 other countries carry out military exercise in the Amazon

By Gabriel Lemos, 6 December 2017

Under the pretext of “humanitarian actions” and prosecuting the “war on drugs,” the Amazonlog 2017 military exercise marks a new stage in US imperialism’s offensive in the region.

US indicts Turkish banker Mehmet Atilla amid mounting US-Turkish tensions

By Halil Celik, 6 December 2017

The case poses a direct threat to Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan, amid mounting divisions over US wars in Syria and Iraq, and US threats against Iran.

Australian government foreshadows draconian anti-foreign interference laws

By Peter Symonds, 6 December 2017

The new laws are aimed at criminalising anti-war opposition as Australia integrates into the US military build-up in Asia and its drive to war against North Korea and China.

Anti-China witch-hunt against Australian senator reveals extensive US-backed surveillance

New Zealand: Labour-led government to expand police

By Chris Ross and John Braddock, 6 December 2017

An investigative media report into police killings has highlighted the extraordinary powers that the police already have and their disregard for human life.

New in Spanish

La humillación pública y ruina del conductor de la Metropolitan Opera, James Levine

Por David North y David Walsh, 6 diciembre 2017

La decisión de la Metropolitan Opera de Nueva York de suspender a James Levine, su director de orquesta desde 1976, es la última victoria del New York Times y los promotores de la nueva represión.

Ante protestas de masas, Gobierno hondureño y Administración Trump buscan imponer reelección fraudulenta

Por Andrea Lobo, 6 diciembre 2017

Los reportes preliminares indican que 11 personas han sido asesinadas en la represión sangrienta contra las protestas contra la reelección fraudulenta de Juan Orlando Hernández.

La admisión de culpa del exasesor de seguridad nacional de Trump intensifica la crisis política de Estados Unidos

Por Bill Van Auken, 6 diciembre 2017

Hay secciones poderosas de la clase gobernante que quieren sacar a Trump, y parecen haber obtenido un montón de municiones de Flynn.

New in French

L’humiliation et la destruction publique du chef d’orchestre du Metropolitan Opera, James Levine

David North et David Walsh, 6 décembre 2017

La décision du Metropolitan Opera de New York City de mettre à pied James Levine, son directeur musical de longue date (1976-2016) le privant de tout nouvel engagement de direction orchestrale est la dernière victoire en date du New York Times et des champions de la nouvelle répression.

Des milliers de manifestants contre le congrès du parti Alternative pour l’Allemagne

Dietmar Henning, 6 décembre 2017

Beaucoup d’étudiants et de jeunes qui ont manifesté samedi à Hanovre sont conscients de la responsabilité que les partis dominants portent pour la montée de l’AfD.

New in German

Gabriel wirbt für deutsche Großmachtpolitik

Von Peter Schwarz, 6. Dezember 2017

In einer außenpolitischen Grundsatzrede plädierte der deutsche Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel am Dienstag in Berlin für eine Abkehr von den USA und eine interessenorientierte deutsche Großmachtpolitik.

Bundesweite Razzien gegen G20-Demonstranten

Von Johannes Stern, 6. Dezember 2017

Während in Berlin versucht wird, eine rechte Regierung ins Amt zu hieven, bemüht sich die Polizei, die Mär von der „linksextremen“ Gewalt beim G20-Gipfel in Hamburg wieder zu beleben.

Oberster US-Gerichtshof setzt Trumps Einreiseverbot in Kraft

Von Eric London und Norisa Diaz, 6. Dezember 2017

Die Entscheidung wird verheerende Folgen für alle haben, die versuchen, den Kriegsregionen des Nahen Ostens zu entfliehen.

Hintergründe der geplanten Abschaffung der Netzneutralität in den USA:
Breitband-Konzerne übernehmen Internet-Zensur

Von Kevin Reed, 6. Dezember 2017

In den Vereinigten Staaten sind die jüngsten Pläne zur Abschaffung der Netzneutralität ein weiterer Schritt zur Einführung von Internetzensur. Davon profitieren die Provider-Monopolisten.

Diese Woche in der Russischen Revolution
4.–10. Dezember: An der Ostfront verstummen die Geschütze

6. Dezember 2017

Sowjetrussland und die Mittelmächte beschließen einen zehntägigen Waffenstillstand, der später auf 28 Tage ausgeweitet wird. Am 5. Dezember sagt Lenin in einer Rede: „Gegen den Krieg, den der Zusammenstoß der Räuber wegen der Verteilung der Beute hervorgerufen hat, haben wir einen entschiedenen Kampf aufgenommen.“

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The extreme right and the turn toward militarism in Germany

6 December 2017

Last week’s party congress of the Alternative for Germany, the anti-immigrant party of the extreme right, marked a new stage in the legitimization of fascistic politics in Germany.

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Arts Review

German Historical Museum exhibition presents the October Revolution as an event of world-historical significance

By Verena Nees, 6 December 2017

“1917. Revolution. Russia and Europe” in Berlin is certainly worth a visit. The exhibition runs until April 15, 2018.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.: Rebel with a cause

By Joanne Laurier, 2 December 2017

Mehring Books

Tsar to Lenin - Centenary Edition DVD

Give the gift of the greatest documentary on the Russian Revolution, now subtitled in 15 languages. Available at Mehring Books for $10.95


The public humiliation and destruction of Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine

By David North and David Walsh, 5 December 2017

Acclaimed Australian actor Geoffrey Rush becomes the latest witch-hunt victim

Repressive political agenda of the “sexual harassment” campaign comes into the open

Behind the FCC plan to abolish net neutrality
Broadband monopolies to censor Internet content

By Kevin Reed, 5 December 2017

US Supreme Court puts Trump travel ban into effect

By Eric London and Norisa Diaz, 5 December 2017

Warnings of financial crash as stock markets continue to surge

By Nick Beams, 5 December 2017

Bernie Sanders promotes illusions in the Democrats in speaking tour of Midwest

Trump administration escalates threat to “utterly destroy” North Korea

Book Review

Mark Mazower’s What You Did Not Tell: The fate of a 20th century family from Russia

By Clara Weiss, 5 December 2017

Mark Mazower’s account of his family’s history, which was closely entangled with the development of the Russian revolutionary movement, is a very interesting and stimulating read.

Autoworkers Struggles

“Management tells the UAW what to do and they say, ‘Okay!’”
Chicago Ford workers speak out on death of Coby Hennings

By Marcus Day, 5 December 2017

“Part-time work in the auto plants is modern day slavery”
Six weeks since the tragic death of US autoworker Jacoby Hennings

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Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
December 4-10: Guns fall silent on the Eastern Front

4 December 2017

Soviet Russia and the Central Powers agree to a 10-day truce, subsequently extended to 28 days. “We have started a resolute struggle against the war brought on by the clash of robbers over their spoils,” Lenin declares in a speech December 5.

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Russian television’s Trotsky serial: A degraded spectacle of historical falsification and anti-Semitism

By Fred Williams and David North, 25 November 2017

The eight-part serial is an exhibition of the political, intellectual and cultural depravity of all those involved in its production.

The Place of the October Revolution in World History and Contemporary Politics

By David North, 13 November 2017

Meeting in Sydney on December 17
100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today

Socialist Equality Party

Oppose Trudeau and Trump, the Canada-US alliance, and imperialist war!

By the Socialist Equality Party (Canada), 4 December 2017

Free the Maruti Suzuki autoworkers
Indian ICFI supporters to hold a public meeting in Sriperumbudur

27 November 2017

Meeting of Grenfell Fire Forum in London on December 9

22 November 2017


IYSSE mounts campaign against university police censorship at University of California, Berkeley

By Evan Blake, 2 December 2017

WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on December 5
Public meeting: What the Russian Revolution meant for modern art and culture

2 December 2017

Oppose right-wing censorship at Leipzig University!

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 23 November 2017

Christian Democratic student association calls for the banning of the IYSSE at German universities

By Christoph Vandreier, 22 November 2017

International Youth and Students for Social Equality launches new website

6 November 2017

The IYSSE’s newly designed website includes an updated Statement of Principles for its US section. We urge all youth and students to join the IYSSE and take up the fight for socialism.

Google Censorship

Net neutrality and the drive to censor the internet

By Andre Damon, 25 November 2017

The conspiracy to censor the Internet

By Andre Damon and Joseph Kishore, 18 October 2017

The elites “have no credibility left:” An interview with journalist Chris Hedges

An open letter to Google: Stop the censorship of the Internet! Stop the political blacklisting of the World Socialist Web Site!

25 August 2017

Sign the petition and share it as widely as possible through email, online forums, and social media.

Watch: Stop online censorship!

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International Amazon Workers Voice

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa
One day strike hits German and Italian Amazon distribution centres

1 December 2017

About 2,000 Amazon workers in Germany and another 500 in Italy walked out on “Black Friday”, November 24, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, over pay and working conditions.

“We’re human beings, not slaves and animals”
UK newspaper exposé details Amazon’s super-exploitation of workforce

By Robert Stevens and John Newham, 30 November 2017

A Sunday Mirror reporter conducted a five-week undercover investigation at Amazon’s Tilbury fulfilment centre

Amazon announces new cloud to host “Secret” government data

By Evan Blake, 24 November 2017

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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