Warnings of new financial bubble as bitcoin price hits $10,000

By Andre Damon, 29 November 2017

The explosive rise in the price of bitcoin, the first “cryptocurrency,” has eclipsed the run-up of any comparable asset in modern history.

Tensions rise again as North Korea tests missile

By Peter Symonds, 29 November 2017

The chief responsibility for the fragile and dangerous situation in North East Asia lies with US imperialism.

US sanctions against North Korea target China

Trump designates North Korea as state sponsor of terrorism

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US Senate committee passes tax windfall for the rich

By Barry Grey, 29 November 2017

Congress, backed by the Trump White House, is hurtling toward the implementation of the most brazen and far-reaching corporate raid on the federal Treasury in US history.

The US tax bill: A massive handout to the financial elite

Spain accuses Russia of interference in the Catalan crisis

By Alejandro López, 29 November 2017

In the space of just two months, El Pais has published 47 articles linking Russia to the Catalan crisis, five of which are editorials.

Leader of Barcelona terror attack was Spanish intelligence informant

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Floods in Greece claim 23 lives

By John Vassilopoulos, 29 November 2017

The floods have again exposed the absence of any coordinated town planning and inadequate anti-flood infrastructure in the West Attica area near Athens.

Supreme Court to hear Carpenter v. United States, a case about privacy in the digital age

By Trévon Austin, 29 November 2017

Involving the tracking of cell phone data, the case is expected to be among the court’s most important Fourth Amendment-related decisions in a generation.

Vote count in Honduras grinds to a halt

By Andrea Lobo, 29 November 2017

Sectors of the US establishment and Honduran oligarchy are prepared to back Nasralla, but the Hernández administration fears losing power amid numerous investigations and leaks regarding corruption.

Peru’s entire political establishment engulfed in bribery scandal

By Cesar Uco, 29 November 2017

A mushrooming scandal involving hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from Brazilian construction contractors is implicating high-level politicians.

Queensland election shocks intensify breakup of Australian political establishment

By Mike Head, 29 November 2017

The results indicate an acceleration in the fragmentation of support for the two-party setup that held together the official political framework for decades.

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Die Rohingya-Krise in Myanmar und der Menschenrechtsimperialismus

Peter Symonds, 29. November 2017

Die internationale Reaktion auf die humanitäre Krise in Myanmar ist gezeichnet von Heuchelei. Dies trifft vor allem auf die imperialistischen Großmächte zu, die „Menschenrechte“ im Mund führen, um ihre geopolitischen Ziele durchzusetzen.

Linkspartei fordert schnelle Regierungsbildung

Johannes Stern, 29. November 2017

Die Linkspartei reagiert auf die tiefe politische Krise in Berlin mit einer scharfen Wende nach rechts.

China investiert Milliarden in Osteuropa

Peter Schwarz, 29. November 2017

Chinesische Investitionen in Osteuropa stoßen in der Europäischen Union auf scharfe Kritik. Vor allem in Berlin wird China zunehmend als Rivale und nicht mehr als Partner gesehen.

Mildes Urteil im Fall Schlecker

Marianne Arens, 29. November 2017

Die Schlecker-Frauen waren 2012 nicht nur mit dem Unternehmer Schlecker und dem Insolvenzverwalter, sondern auch mit der Verdi Gewerkschaft konfrontiert, die sie unter Druck setzte, nicht gegen die Kündigungen zu klagen.

VW-Betriebsratschef fällt chinesischen Leiharbeitern in den Rücken

Dietmar Henning, 29. November 2017

Bernd Osterloh hat einem Solidaritätsaufruf chinesischer Arbeiter in seiner Eigenschaft als Präsident des VW-Weltkonzernbetriebsrats eine eindeutige Abfuhr erteilt.

Diese Woche in der Russischen Revolution
27. November – 3. Dezember: Sowjetregierung ruft zur Beendigung des Kriegs auf

29. November 2017

Der Weltkrieg zieht sich weiter hin. Die meisten kriegführenden Regierungen ignorieren die Friedensappelle der Bolschewiki. In ihrem Aufruf, „An die Völker der kriegführenden Länder“, ruft die neue Regierung Sowjetrusslands dazu auf, die imperialistische Schlächterei zu beenden.

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Партия Социалистического Равенства Германии требует проведения новых выборов

Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, 29 ноября 2017 г.

В существующих условиях это является единственным выходом, позволяющим рабочему классу вмешаться в ход политических событий, выдвинуть свои собственные интересы и побороть политическое наступление крайне правых.

Нейтральность Интернета и кампания по установлению цензуры в сети

Андре Деймон, 29 ноября 2017 г.

Принятое администрацией Трампа решение положить конец нейтральности Интернета знаменует собой поворотный пункт в наступлении американского правительства и крупнейших корпораций на свободу и открытость сети.

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Los $100 000 millones de Jeff Bezos: el caso a favor de la expropiación

Por Eric London, 29 noviembre 2017

Las riquezas del CEO de Amazon, Jeff Bezos, y los billones de dólares acaparados por otros multimillonarios, podrían ser utilizados para barrer con la pobreza, la enfermedad y la miseria social.

La Revolución de Octubre: su lugar en la historia mundial y la política contemporánea

Por David North, 29 noviembre 2017

Estamos publicando aquí el texto de la conferencia entregada el 11 de noviembre por David North, presidente del Consejo Editorial Internacional del World Socialist Web Site y presidente nacional del Partido Socialista por la Igualdad de Estados Unidos.


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Hurricane Harvey three months on: Tens of thousands still homeless from worst natural disaster in US history

29 November 2017

The ongoing catastrophe caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria is an indictment of American capitalism and the financial oligarchy that runs the United States.

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Centenary of the Russian Revolution

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Autoworkers Struggles

Woodhaven Ford workers speak on still unexplained death of Jacoby Hennings

By Jerry White, 29 November 2017

Ford workers at the Woodhaven Stamping plant spoke on the alleged suicide of the 21-year-old part-time worker at the plant on October 20 that has provoked widespread sympathy among autoworkers.

“We have to make sure Jacoby Hennings didn’t die in vain”
Workers denounce scourge of suicides inside US auto plants

Death of Jacoby Hennings highlights UAW collusion with auto companies

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The New York Times promotes an American Nazi

By Patrick Martin, 29 November 2017

A lengthy Times profile published Saturday gave a flattering portrayal of a white racist activist as the “boy next door.”

Repressive political agenda of the “sexual harassment” campaign comes into the open

By David Walsh, 28 November 2017

Burma’s Rohingya crisis and human rights imperialism

By Peter Symonds, 28 November 2017

Jeff Bezos’ $100 billion: The case for expropriation

Arts Review

James Cameron’s 1997 film showing in the US for one week
What the WSWS said about Titanic 20 years ago
Why are the critics lauding Titanic?

By David Walsh, 29 November 2017

To mark 20 years since its release in December 1997, James Cameron’s Titanic is being shown in 87 theaters in the US for a week, starting December 1. We are marking the occasion by re-posting two comments on Titanic that appeared on the WSWS in January and February 1998.

What the WSWS said about Titanic 20 years ago
Titanic as a social phenomenon

By David Walsh, 29 November 2017

Originally posted February 25, 1998

LBJ and Marshall: Film biographies deal with mid-20th century US struggle for racial equality

75 years since the release of Hollywood classic Casablanca
“And what if you track down these men and kill them? ... Even Nazis can’t kill that fast”

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

Russian television’s Trotsky serial: A degraded spectacle of historical falsification and anti-Semitism

By Fred Williams and David North, 25 November 2017

The eight-part serial is an exhibition of the political, intellectual and cultural depravity of all those involved in its production.

This week in the Russian Revolution
November 27-December 3: Soviet government steps up call for end to war

27 November 2017

While the world war drags on and most warring governments stubbornly ignore the Bolsheviks’ call for peace, the new government of Soviet Russia issues an appeal to “the peoples of the belligerent governments” to put an end to the imperialist slaughter.

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Meeting in Sydney on December 17
100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today

The Place of the October Revolution in World History and Contemporary Politics

By David North, 13 November 2017

We are publishing here the text of a lecture delivered on Saturday, November 11 by David North, chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party of the US. The audio for the lecture is embedded in the text.

On the Centenary of the October Revolution

By David North, 7 November 2017

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

28 November 2017

More than 3,000 copper miners in Peru and 2,500 in Chile have been involved in job actions this past week over a variety of issues.

Protesting workers at bankrupt Air Berlin denounce Merkel government

By Gustav Kemper, 27 November 2017

Union thugs kill two striking mineworkers in Mexico

By Alex González, 27 November 2017

Bus workers in northwest England escalate strikes for pay parity

By John Newham, 27 November 2017

Socialist Equality Party

Free the Maruti Suzuki autoworkers
Indian ICFI supporters to hold a public meeting in Sriperumbudur

27 November 2017

The meeting will discuss the internationalist foundations of the struggle to release the framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers. The speeches will be given in Tamil and English and streamed live via Facebook on December 10 at 10am.

Meeting of Grenfell Fire Forum in London on December 9

22 November 2017

The Grenfell Fire Forum is holding the fourth in a series of regular meetings on December 9 at 2 p.m. at the Maxilla Hall Social Club, North Kensington, in London.


Oppose right-wing censorship at Leipzig University!

the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 23 November 2017

Christian Democratic student association calls for the banning of the IYSSE at German universities

By Christoph Vandreier, 22 November 2017

International Youth and Students for Social Equality launches new website

6 November 2017

The IYSSE’s newly designed website includes an updated Statement of Principles for its US section. We urge all youth and students to join the IYSSE and take up the fight for socialism.

Google Censorship

Net neutrality and the drive to censor the internet

By Andre Damon, 25 November 2017

Google’s Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results

By Niles Niemuth, 22 November 2017

Sri Lankan students and workers oppose Google censorship of the WSWS

By our correspondents, 22 November 2017

Google announces moves to censor RT and Sputnik

By Trévon Austin, 21 November 2017

The conspiracy to censor the Internet

By Andre Damon and Joseph Kishore, 18 October 2017

The elites “have no credibility left:” An interview with journalist Chris Hedges

An open letter to Google: Stop the censorship of the Internet! Stop the political blacklisting of the World Socialist Web Site!

25 August 2017

Sign the petition and share it as widely as possible through email, online forums, and social media.

Watch: Stop online censorship!

More on Google Censorship »

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Democrats can't stop talking about Russia, but what they're really afraid of is domestic social opposition.

Book Review

The Republic For Which It Stands: The United States During Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, 1865-1896
Ida B. Wells, democratic rights, and lynch mob sexual assault accusations against African-Americans

By Eric London, 21 November 2017

The fight for the democratic rights of black men accused of rape is an essential issue highlighted by Richard White in his 941-page history of the post-Civil War period.

Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House
An insider’s view of the crisis-ridden Democratic Party

By Andre Damon, 20 November 2017

International Amazon Workers Voice

Amazon builds low-wage Maryland plant on ashes of largest steel mill in US

By Adam Soroka, 27 November 2017

Amazon announces new cloud to host “Secret” government data

By Evan Blake, 24 November 2017

House to vote on giving Amazon $53 billion deal to become main Pentagon supplier

By Evan Blake, 11 November 2017

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