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Lives before profits! Stop the pandemic!

Ending the COVID-19 pandemic requires rejecting the concept that profit interests must be “balanced” against saving lives.

Statement of the Editorial Board
For a Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Inquest is necessary to break through the cover-up, lies and misinformation that have been used to justify policies responsible for the avoidable deaths of millions.

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Two more Minnesota teachers die of COVID-19 as cases approach record highs

The measures necessary to stop the spread of the virus—and put a halt to the deaths of teachers and students—can only come through workers developing rank-and-file committees in every workplace and factory in the US and internationally to enforce the shutdown of unsafe facilities and the closure of schools to in-person learning.

Anthony Bertolt

This week in history: November 15-21

This column profiles important historical events which took place during this week, 25 years ago, 50 years ago, 75 years ago and 100 years ago.

UK Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee denounces court ruling upholding designation of Germany's Socialist Equality Party as “left wing extremists”

The Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee (UK) passed a resolution Monday condemning the ruling of the Berlin Administrative Court, which on November 18, 2021, upheld the designation of the German security service of the German section of the ICFI as “left wing extremists”.

Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee (UK)

Video: No new anti-socialist laws! Defend the SGP!

The deputy chairman of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (SGP, Socialist Equality Party), Christoph Vandreier, speaks about the importance of the lawsuit against the surveillance of the party by the German secret service.

Christoph Vandreier

Washington Post calls for a COVID-19 cover-up

The commission advocated by the Washington Post will be aimed at shielding the government and corporate officials responsible for the deaths of more than one million Americans, while scapegoating China for the pandemic.

Andre Damon

Stop the witch-hunt against scientist Peter Daszak!

The Washington Post hopes that scapegoating scientists for the COVID-19 pandemic will turn attention away from the US government’s criminal “herd immunity” policies that have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Andre Damon

Labor Notes, DSA cover up UAW betrayal of Deere strike

The conflict between rank-and-file workers and the UAW is being swept under the rug and deliberately concealed by organizations which have long functioned as apologists for the pro-corporate union bureaucracies.

Marcus Day
Preface to the Turkish-language edition of Leon Trotsky and the Development of Marxism
100 years since the birth of Jean Brust

August 31, 2021 marks 100 years since the birth of Jean Brust, a leading figure in the Trotskyist movement. Comrade Jean, who died November 24, 1997 at the age of 76, joined the Trotskyist-led Young Peoples Socialist League as a teenager in 1937.

Presidential election lays bare sharp class divisions in Chile

The two main victors in Sunday’s presidential election in Chile are the fascistic José Antonio Kast of the Christian Social Front and Gabriel Boric of the pseudo-left-Stalinist electoral front Apruebo Dignidad.

Mauricio Saavedra
Twenty years since the September 11 terror attacks

The horrific massacre of civilians was immediately exploited by the imperialist powers, led by the United States government itself, to justify far-reaching attacks on the democratic rights of their own populations, and the launching of decades-long wars in the Middle East and Africa.

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#BlackburnTakeover protesters must appeal to the working class

Reject Howard University’s attempts to blame students for cafeteria layoffs!

The attempt by administrators to blame student protesters for the layoff of school cafeteria workers is a provocative attack on the rights of workers and students alike and must be actively opposed.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Lives before profits! Stop the pandemic!

Ending the COVID-19 pandemic requires rejecting the concept that profit interests must be “balanced” against saving lives.

Statement of the World Socialist Web Site editorial board

The Oxford High School shooting: What lessons are to be drawn?

A grim scene, all too familiar in American life, occurred Tuesday afternoon as 15-year-old sophomore Ethan Crumbley carried out a mass shooting at Oxford High School in a suburban community on the outer edges of the Detroit, Michigan Metro region.

Niles Niemuth

Thousands support SGP’s lawsuit against the German secret service

With the lawsuit filed by the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei against the Federal Republic of Germany set to be heard in court in the coming days, more than 5,300 workers and young people have expressed their support for the SGP’s case and its fight to defend democratic rights.

our reporters

Oppose the Sri Lankan government’s massive price hikes!

The working class must organise an offensive against the government’s austerity measures, independent of the trade unions, pseudo lefts and so-called opposition parties, and based on socialist policies.

The Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)
Cliff Slaughter: A political biography (1928-1963)
By David North

Cliff Slaughter died on May 3, 2021, in Leeds, England, at the age of 92. His enduring contribution in the 1960s to the defense of Trotskyism stands in tragic contrast with his subsequent political opportunism and repudiation of revolutionary Marxism.

COP26 climate summit ends in failure

The world’s major capitalist powers and giant corporations have no solution to the climate emergency they have created.

Patrick Martin

The Glasgow summit, climate change, and the case for socialism

The past two years have seen a series of escalating climate disasters in all regions of the globe, including massive wildfires from the Australian bush to the American west, devastating flooding in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and deadly heatwaves the world over.

Daniel de Vries

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Danish nurses continue one-hour wildcat strikes over pay and understaffing in defiance of unions and fines; French public transport workers’ strikes among bus drivers, coach drivers and rail workers over pay, conditions and privatisation; South African metal workers national pay strike in third week threatened as union moves towards company offer; Sunday stoppages by ScotRail workers, Scotland begun March continue to demand equal overtime rates with drivers

Donald Trump and fascist right celebrate acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

The jury verdict of not guilty on all charges in the trial of teenage fascist shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has been hailed by Donald Trump and other extreme right-wing political figures as a vindication of their assault on anti-police violence protesters.

Kevin Reed
Eighty years since the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union

The WSWS has published a feature page incorporating a selection of essential essays from its own archives, and other documents produced contemporaneously by the Fourth International.

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Sylvia Ageloff and the assassination of Leon Trotsky
With David North and Eric London

North and London discussed the significance of the latest revelations of the the Security and the Fourth International investigation into Trotsky’s assassination.

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Public anger over cover-up of Pike River mine disaster

The media has blacked out the widespread opposition to the New Zealand Labour Party government’s decision to seal Pike River mine that prevents a thorough investigation and accountability for the deaths of 29 men in the 2010 disaster.

Tom Peters

US seizes PressTV.com and 32 other Iranian media website domains

In a provocative act of censorship and imperialist gangsterism, the Biden administration took control of three dozen internet domains and shut down websites affiliated with Iran-based media organizations on unsubstantiated grounds of “disinformation campaigns and malign influence operations.”

Kevin Reed
150 years since the birth of Rosa Luxemburg

The meeting examined Luxemburg’s role as a Marxist theoretician and political leader, and discussed the significance of her legacy to the contemporary struggle to build a Marxist leadership.

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